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Onecoin Create A Currency For People With Her Impressive Banking, Literary, Financial, And Curriculum, Wanting To Immediately Make A Pure Financial Revolution In The Payment System

The shared trust market created by people present in the world markets of 194 countries for almost 6 years, 100 usability “, trade therefore trust for traders, entrepreneurs and companies not speculation, black market up and down” but for the mass market above all traceable ” international protocol KYC identity “user documents filed each account anonymous transactions are not allowed company strictly applies KYC AML in various aspects.

Mining company for us immediately coins in accounts / wallets ready to be spent, unique to produce money, mines, coins and pioneering spendable assets, new public exchange offer people create the market by educating themselves in school they have never taught you so ” and “money or to work for it. Did you notice the old mold that only creates drama? Even a banker doesn’t know what “financial education” matters. Dr. Ruja wanted to create a currency for people with her impressive banking, literary, financial, and criminal lawyer curriculum, wanting to immediately make a pure financial revolution in the payment system.

Onecoin started the creation process in early 2015 in June at a major world event in Macau and “the first counter value was set at € 0.50 then a cost of € 100 took 200 coins today at € 42.43 it takes 2 , 36. The fiat currencies are printed indefinitely and continue to indent the population because “they continue to lose value on a daily basis, hence the useless world currency to exchange in what, moreover, they are removing more than 5000 are born to be exchanged onecoin no it wouldn’t be financial revolution !!!

dealshaker economy is definitely dying the new economy continues to grow opening stores and outlets worldwide. All this thanks to financial education courses oneacademy at school they never gave it to us and if the Onecoin reserves 120 billion being limited as gold  inflation, counterfeiting never lost purchasing power because it was created, used, exchanged and controlled by the people millions of people in the world and almost 1 million merchants on rich man of the onecoin continues to lose value His assets there will be a reason “. Already launched families, companies and professionals.

Only 50 Bitcoins have been transferred from a wallet dormant since 2009 to different obscure wallets a While ago. Some Trader are Guessing its Mysterious SATOSHI the Great. It Caused 7% downfall of Bitcoin Price.
Onecoin people Do not want to See such Situation with this Merchant Coin One. Because it’s a Merchant Coin That’s why Onecoin Usability Ensuring comes First. So, Process is going on & Heading to the right direction.

It’s been more then a month here haven’t Seen any Cash money & Lot of places where Cash is not accepted at all. Surely know that the banks have been unable to stop the economic bleeding. Certainly, this to play a vital role in Crypto adoption.
World going on new technology increasingly accepting digital technologies amid the virus. People are likely to smoothly transition to digital money, when this is all over and with Onecoin being the Dealshaker money, it “fits Perfectly into a picture of the post-COVID19 world.”

Perfect tools as Onecoin Blockchain Explorer & Upgraded Blockchain with a new shopping platform will take it to the Next Level.

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