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Onecoin is a New Generation Cryptocurrency, Combining Many Advantages and is Determined to Become Cryptocurrency Worldwide Offering Secure, Fast, Borderless Payments

However, our project is waiting for an unprecedented success due to the increasing turn of the financial industry towards paperless payments, and bringing to a minimum the services of cumbersome Bank intermediaries.
High IT technologies in the financial world are slowly but surely enveloping the world.
In addition, the foresight of the founder of our project conquers. It initially laid down all the requirements for transparency, legality, and centralization of the blockchain and its participants.

As well as the idea that money and its movements, as a technical design of a person, should be regulated by the person himself. There should be no anarchy in Finance. And that an asset can’t sit on 2 chairs – be a speculative player on cryptocurrency exchanges, and at the same time be a reliable and stable payment asset for business merchants. That is, not to be volatile. In fact, these are 2 mutually exclusive factors.

Initially, it was interpreted that the coin, as soon as the regulatory framework allows, will enter the exchange with a fixed rate set by the company itself, but of course, taking into account the demand and supply on the world market. If the demand is less, hold the volume of the release to the exchanger, and also hold its rate, the demand is greater – the release of the asset to the exchanger will increase. This is the regulation of the asset market in the global market by means of a person, as well as maintaining the maximum stability of businesses on the DS platform.
In this case, the exchange rate will be maintained at least at the rate set on the DS. This is a very simple, but ingenious solution of the founder of our ecosystem.

The Fed has been screwing this up for 107 years. The market is finished! This is the end of consumer economic theory. The debt-laden, fiat currency standard, failed. It is time to recognise this so we can move on to a better tomorrow!
Onecoin is a new technology combining many advantages and is decided to become the amount one cryptocurrency worldwide offering secure, fast, borderless payments. OneCoin gives everyone the chance to gain access to the new financial opportunities cryptocurrencies provide. Not only that, OneCoin takes a step further by getting to educate its members on the way to affect cryptocurrency within the best way possible.

Some people are so crazy they want to sell their coin just to get oldest fiat currency with many inconvenients, where they lost their power of purchasing each day. But they not want to participate to this opportunity like a serious members to increase the value of their coin, and the usability for the OneCoin project, to have better future for them and all the world.

This plan is to live exclusively on OneCoin within the next years, instead of the US dollar. But you have to understand that OneCoin is intended to be the next Evolution of Money and Payments.

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