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New Dealshaker Platform Will Combine Social Networks And Electronic Commerce Platform For The Delivery Of Goods And Services, Where Cryptocurrency Onecoin Is Part Of The Options Of Payment

The new Dealshaker platform will combine Social Networks and Electronic Commerce Platform (considering that these industries have the largest growing capital on the market today) for the delivery of goods and services, where cryptocurrency ONE is part of the options of payment, with a mandatory share in this one.

Anyone who knows how to handle Facebook will also be able to handle this platform.

From the moment the platform is active, anyone will be able to access, create an account and upload their documentation for subsequent KYC approval, this new platform will have a software that in 5 seconds will allow validated This data (KYC), comparing biometric data on the face vs passport, Jumio will be the company in charge of the KYC process, allowing the market to boost.

With the new Georreferentiation function, when conducting a search will allow you to see exactly where the distributor is or where the nearby retailers are located. All data from the old Dealshaker platform will be generated on the new platform.

Shops will have the possibility to offer their goods / services in a minimum percentage 10 % ONE and 90 % Fiat currency up to 100 % in ONE, the percentage of ONE to receive will depend on the merchant, the country in which the trader is located, of the laws and conditions of the country’s franchise.

Merchants become free members of the platform and have the possibility to purchase one of the packages that will allow them more marketing rights such as: messaging all members, right to first banners when searching for the merchandise. Members will be able to evaluate shops. Fiat currency payment will be made via PayPal.

Dealshaker will be a network of decentralized franchises in all countries, displayed in the language of the country in which it is registered and in the local currency, Trinidad and Tobago will be the country where the first Dealshaker franchise is opened.

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