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“The Legend of the ONE”, OneLife experts from several countries will present the latest information on the evolution of the OneLife community, the platform and the OneCoin digital currency

OneLife Network organizes in Bucharest, between August 21 and 23, 2020, the first big event in Europe. Several thousand OneLife members from 194 countries on six continents are expected to participate in “The Legend of the One.”At the event, OneLife partners, business people interested in the economy of the future, will learn how to make profitable businesses through, one of the most dynamic e-commerce platforms in the world, with the author of the digital currency OneCoin, in -a revolutionary, safe and dynamic ecosystem.

In “The Legend of the ONE”, OneLife experts from several countries will present the latest information on the evolution of the OneLife community, the platform and the OneCoin digital currency.

The event will take place over three days (August 21-23) Рtwo days of training, with information, conferences, concrete examples, presentations of successful businesses that have grown during this period despite the challenges of the economy, one day exhibition with Dealshaker Expo for sale and a substantial segment of business networking, including a Gala Dinner.The best leaders from the OneLife Network company will be present at the event in Bucharest. Sometimes,  the CHINESE people that are here today on the earth. Maybe a little spoiled. Not knowing what there ancestors did to pave this road there on today. (Side bar) China was the first to introduce paper currency.

They had no tall buildings and was far behind the west. Thus, they were looked down upon. However, they did have a dream and focus and saw the glass half filled rather than half empty. They went from their currency having no value to being in the IMF basket today. Remember they were once ruled by the Mongolian which they over threw. Once known for having many sweatshops now today becoming the country with the most billions.

Why do I tell you this? Look at China’s progress over the years with the type of fights and battles they went through. Look at where they are today. All I ask of you is to not ask what OneCoin can do for you, but ask WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR ONECOIN? Because, if we are to be great, it will take you and I alongside all the 1.35 million members to see this for what it is. We must clearly understand the empowerment of the OneAcademy packages we purchased and PUSH FORWARD AND HARD TO BUILD THIS DREAM INTO A REALITY!

As it is with all great things, it will not be done overnight, but has to go through a process!!!!!! Some in this room are only seeing the problems and the half-empty’s. But, the SOLUTIONS AND HALF-FULL thinkers are who we need to thrive and grow to success.So, take pride in this business because it is YOUR business! BUILD WITH TRUTH AND CHOOSE TO UNDERSTAND. MOST IMPORTANTLY, GET OVER THE HURT AND LIES YOU WERE SOLD AND¬† FOCUS ON WHAT WE TRULY BOUGHT.

If Massive Crypto Integration leads to 100% Success of a Crypto Project then if we Look at the Onecoin Integration¬† it is on it’s way to Success. So, What do we See here? In India, Pakistan Most of the Deals are Marchant Prioritized, this Attractive policy is Bringing New Marchants to Join the Platform. Our Country Managers are Attracting Farmers too, Some of them are already on the Marchant Platform DS. Its Same With Latin America, Romania and Most of other Regions. Doctors Visit, Surgery Payments are done with 50% to 100% One. As Fee our Coin is Being Accepted by the Professional Law Firms. Our Mr, Fred Fok reached Ordinary Members, Noodle Restaurants, Established Outlets in Different Countries, Attracted Farmers, Factory Owners, etc.

Team Italia is Attracting our Focus Recently. 20000 Debit Card Deals to Secure 2 Million euros Equivalent “ONE” alone. They Must Have done Their Homework Seriously to Figure it out Their own Strategies to Use Their Coins Before Offering Their Deals. Card Reloading Process for Other 10000 Cards for their Domestic Users Started, Method is Working. In the Worst Scenario Such Companies in Anywhere Can’t be Above the Law either. Lot of Work is Being Carried out by the Unnamed Contributors to Spread our Coins,That Policy Commitment is Serious, Should Make Some Crypto Enthusiasts Nervous, So, as We See Our Marchant Coin One is Integrating by its Circulation Beyond the Exchange Through its Usability Efforts that Means The Vision Started Working in Some Aspects by Now. Exchange is Undeniable, It Comes After Usability is Fully Implemented Only to Remain in Healthier Position Compared to the Crypto Worldcap, Many Emerging & Cryptos in Existence. Wise to Remain Better Prepared. Isn’t it? Lets Remain Positive, Spread the Right Massage.

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