Latest News One Of The Most Dynamic e-Commerce Platforms In The World, With The Author Of The Digital Currency Onecoin, In -A Revolutionary, Safe And Dynamic Ecosystem

Small and medium business can be available, given the opportunity of one COIN coin in a completely closed environment when there is no need to use money (dollars, rubles, pesos,), contract, etc. that supports a fine business – all this is done by phone with ONE and digital service DealShaker. In contrast to this small and medium business now under of quarantine is absolutely closed, who continues to build a business relationship only in a fine currency.

An example was shown by the countries of Latin America – already 9 countries will be present  at the 2th continental online exhibition of South America, added by Chile and England (at the 1th exhibition Latan
there were 7 countries) – and all this is official! $ 25 billion partners in South America are now connected to the electronic e-trading platform, all have their own business, eventually created (ONE in cash) $ 6 billion for starting capital is enough to start and giving oxygen for business. New technology for doing business is being used, traditional marketing, for example, when buying 3 products, 2 per currency, and 3th 100 % for cryptocurrencies, etc. This needs to be understood. Everything is genius simple! So much unexpected, new methods are being built by the business itself, apart from the integration of business into a digital format, which does not make business through your own boutique, especially if you have a hotel or restaurant.

The trick is that people say I don’t understand how it works, but it’s a great result, the flow of new customers from all over the world, increase in trade,Like it’s hard to understand, how the light light is on fire, but turned on the switch – and here you go, the light in the middle of the darkness.

State government representatives from local communities and their lawyers are actively involved in watching the development of the OneCoin in South America, on-line exhibition DealShaker, appreciate the feature of financial and legal education from OneAcademy with the opportunity to return the education in the form of gift cryptocurrencies digital coins ONE ~ until the end of 2020, in order to introduce the relevant articles into cryptocurrencies for the positive development of their states, pay taxes in one’s state projects, the opportunity to pay for public projects, the opportunity to pay utilities, etc.

ONE COIN is being introduced to state institutions – that’s what matters. What he has already covered small and medium business in all countries is a fact. A large business will be interested in ONE COIN after the implementation of ONE on the state scale. ONE becomes a means of payment. You know what that means is paying taxes, salary, food payment is possible as a percent of the full cost of goods or services, as well as 100 % in ONE.

As part of the same ecosystem, as in the BARTERNOM community, business can actively develop businesses in almost all countries and in Russia too using one digital coins as a means of sharing. Soon in our country, in Russia, the organizers will take on the basis of international experience as a means of payment (cash exchange) transparent (with Verification, KYB), central, stable (not hot) cryptocurrencies such as ONE / ONE / ONE exchange in banks for other currencies and cryptocurrencies and payment, of course, TAXES.

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