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Dealshaker Platform Is A Responsable Feature For The Increase Value Of Onecoin

ONECOIN value was small at the beginning time, if you compared it to the standards of those who control money and wealth. It grew and it is still growing in value because this value comes from living men, women and children on planet Earth. Before we realize it, all economies will be yarning to attach themselves on a currency whose value can not be altered by manipulators.
Are you looking for ways to using your one?
Here is an example how the Dealshaker works or how one will work:
Imagine *ABC* opens up a shop in his village where people in that village have never heard of Onecoin and how it works. ABC explains to the people how dealshaker works and offers to help them open up Merchant accounts. People may be reluctant at first but eventually a few will sign up. New they are given 200 tokens on Merchant, Rokie worth  in ones. Then ABC offers to sell to them his merchandise in exchange of Ones offered to the for first signup. They may be wondering what has just happened, but they are happy to have exchanged their kringles for food or whatever merchandise ABC is selling.

Then he invites them to come back again and even tells them to invite their friends. Probably in a few days after, about 100 people have signed up and purchased all his merchandise. ABC leaves the village for the city to restock more from the producers and may be; even he will come back with more offers and at this time the villagers are excited to become his routine customers. When ABC is back, he finds almost the whole village lined up ready to sign up on dealshaker and the old customers decide to assist him to even make the process more quicker because he trained them well from day one. Within a day or two all the goods have been sold.

Interestingly XYZ who understood the concept of dealshaker having been well trained by ABC and at the same time Adam has been in business of Boda Boda using his Motorcycle in a trading center, has also started accepting Ones in exchange of his service. Now the villagers are happier that they can spend their ones with Adam.
This creates more awareness about Dealshaker and In 2 or 3 months, more and more villagers begin offering to do work or provide goods in exchange for Ones and everyone in the village who has Ones starts to enjoy the abundance.

NOTE: Some people in that village and the neighboring areas, will seek employment and they will be employed by the entrepreneurs in that village while paying their employees in Ones and as more and more people in that village get jobs, this will enable them to live better lives because they are paid in ones and they are happy.

May wonder how the merchants will restock since  are still building our dealshaker Community with 1,000,000 Merchants. The solution is very simple for ABC and XYZ and other participating merchants on dealshaker. Let me put it in figures for easy understanding.  That are still building dealshaker Community with more than one million Merchants and soon we shall get to 100% one accepted everywhere in the world once Dealshaker Community is at its ultimate stage. Remember everything starts from somewhere and it keeps progressing.


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