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Dealshaker Is A Unique Digital Platform That Combines Electronic Commerce And Social Networks, And If You Are A Entrepreneur, Sell All Kinds Of Goods And Services Here.

A special year for onecoin in 2020 Very soon onecoin country, everyone will use it very widely. Almost everyone has started to understand how much his future is. Easy to use and dedicated to everyone.Onecoin 100 % legit crypto-currency. It’s time for everyone who believes in this coin, possessed and fighting for their goals, is approaching… still a purchase in dealshaker field in every corner of the world. That contribute to the most innovative revolutionary project to the introduction of the financial world.
Onecoin has its own electronic commerce field.
Dealshaker is a unique digital platform that combines electronic commerce and social networks, if you are a entrepreneur, sell all kinds of goods and services here.
Electronic Commerce market – this is a billion billion business. As a merchants (seller), it means money, no business. If you don’t have a customer, you can’t stop your business. What steps do you want to save your business? Of course, investing in advertising. If you don’t have an ad, you won’t benefit your business, but you will search for another way of ads and sell money again!!!
What is the benefit of entrepreneurs and merchants (merchants) to work at dealshaker field?
1. Sign up for free and get your own jobs.
2. A huge field of advertising. Don’t pay for ads.
3. 3.7 million users of the country can sell your own goods and services in one coin. You will choose to sell one coins and cash. (50/50, 70/30., 80/20 etc.).
4. Market that will develop your business sustainable and increase goods circulation
5. Silver exchange is safe.
6. You can get a cheap price by buying a training and legal package.
7. Your product will not be purchasing services, but you will have your customers to advertise it.
What is the benefit of dealshaker buyers?
1. Coin is available for a cheap price for a cheap price, customers can get 2-3 times cheaper than retail price.
Making 2. Savings is also making money.
Buying Oneacademy Set for each member of 3. One Coin. And the income.
4. the merchants will be taken away from the doubt of goods and services.
Dealshaker is developing successful worldwide. If every member of coin owner can work actively working to build one ecosystem, the road to our dreams is not far away. Onelife company has implemented a specific program for every stage of their development.
In 2014, we started talking about cryptocurrencies. Most of these people didn’t understand what we were talking about. The idea of making this money in digital form without the central bank’s participation and making this money active.
In 2015, we have built the world to many countries with the world’s onelife business.
Operating the internal exchange field in 2016 It was a major purpose to train the members to trade.
In 2017, in the inner exchange, one coin has been created an advertisement field to trade with a specific amount of cash. It is also a form of changing commercial and business with money. On the event on the event on April 6-8, the company announced that 1 MILLION MERCHANT AND 10 million customers.


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