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Onecoin That Is Usable And Therefore Stable And Step By Step Growing

That’s correct and that’s why it will be dangerous to have an Exchange too early before we are big enough. When you can buy everything with a ONE that is usable and therefore stable and step by step growing, and the second option is to change your currency into FIAT which is loosing its value continuously, it can be a real chance (as long as people understanding what FIAT-currency is, does and effects.)

Of course it would be very supportive to have corner investors, but there is no guarantee, that they will not leave as soon as they made their money. Then we have the same situation like BitCoin.

Due to the situation that BitCoin is not that big, it is easy for investors to manipulate the value: Big investors go in, value grows, people follow, value grows, big investors take their profit and leave, value falls, big investors buy, game starts again. Easy to make money for them because when you are big enough you control the system.

The only chance the value will not be manipulated is, when masses of people are in a system and USING the system. But it is still quite a lot to do and most of all to understand, that it is THEM, who decides about the value of our coin: Stay in > Value grows, leave > Value falls! So many do not realize THIS.

Think of a company having most of all 1 big investors/client and some small. And image the some company having many small clients. The situation of the first will be a more dangerous one … In terms of value, the quantity of all the small ones must at least be greater than that of the large ones.



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