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Onecoin Can Be Considered As The Mercantile Cryptocurrency And Close To Be Used To Perform International Transaction Of Exports As A Digital Payment

Onecoin can be considered as the Mercantile cryptocurrency and close to be used to perform international transaction of exports as a digital payment . It is proving to be the most usability and market stability cryptocurrency even in times of crisis has increased its value of each currency.

Benefits by having Cryptocurrency Onecoin

– Capitalization
– Savings
– Increase your value
– Intangible assets of immediate availability
– Decentralized does not depend on a central government
– Protect the value of your Heritage
– Don’t depreciate
– Increase purchasing power
– Means of exchange for goods and services in e-commerce 👉
use in 197 countries as a means of digital payment
– Transportable through a smart cell phone 📲💻
– Your price is stable for its continued use in domestic and international financial transactions
– transparent, safe, generates savings on transactions
– Its value defines usability, supply / demand

– Current price 42,53 euros (170 soles approx) starting price € 0,50 cents euro.

1.200 coin forks partners at the start in 2015.

Customers, currency forks users in 2020. More than 3.7 million partners on the 6 continents

* Fiat Currency = Government’s Printed Money */ *Paper Currency */ *Coins *

( FIAT Currency=Fake Money=Inflation / HyperInflation )

🎯 * 1) Safety and security of your money from future Financial Crisis, from Banking Frauds, from Governments Paper Currency Hyper inflationtion Problem.*

🎯 * 2) To increase your Purchasing Power of Money through “Store Value”.*

🎯 * 3) To Hedge your Money from Political Instability of Governments of the World (Borderless Money).*
* Cryptocurrencies Are Hedge Againts Fiat Money Cash & Banking Instability & Global Financial Losses *

🎯 * 4) To Move your Money anytime across Globe, in any country with very less Fees(24*7*365 within seconds).*

🎯 5)To reduce Remittance charges during transfer of your money from one country to other and from one Person to other persons account.

🎯 *6) *To Save your Money from Hyper Inflation Problem *.
( *Every Governments Paper Currency / FIAT Money faces Hyper Inflation Problem) *

🎯 *7) To Make Profits from Price Increase of “Crypto Currency” Buying & Selling & Holding As an Assest * *Safe Secure Assest *
*( Cryptocurrency R Digital Gold ) *

🎯 8) To do Business with entire World Globe via E-commerce Platforms and to make payments via Internet.

🎯 *9) “Crypto Currencies” are “Digital Gold” + “Digital Assets” which have store value & Maintaine Their Puchasing Power + High Liquidity * * Safe Secure Assest *

🎯 *10) Overall “Crypto Currencies” are Future of Money and Payment System and Future of Paper Currency. Future of Banking Payment System . Future of Payment Transaction *

🎯 11) Cryptocurrencies Gives Freedome To Masses n Gives all of Us Freedome of Moving Assests Across Entire World Globe when Goverments Of world in Instability n Financial Crises
* & Safest Financial Asset with High Liquidity In World Global Financial Crises & World Global Any Man Made & Natural Pandamic Crises *



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