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Good News !! Dealshaker Worldwide 20000 Debit Card Proof Of Concept And Onecoin Usability.

This 200€ coupon equates to 100€ in coin (2,36 ONE) & 100€ in Euro and is valid for the purchase of Dealshaker Worldwide Debit Card. Please note that the 100€ fiat payments will have to be done with a Visa/Mastercard in the following website: Shipping time: FROM 8 a Weeks TO A MAXIMUM OF 12 weeks. Validity of the card: 2 YEARS*kN9WjEC*MiA~?fbclid=IwAR2vO1mBpFcOKpQZqDHx8H1QXrJGDn7tmVnwyu-q5dsM3vJeYKsfQi2u5L4

* Our Marchant Coin ONE & Its Beauty **

Number Talks. Our Italian Team Made a Dream Come True by Issuing 20000 Internationally Usable Debit Cards with 50% ONE, Worth 200€.

Surely All Those are a Game Changer & it’s Just the Beginning.

Our Brave China is Offering us Dealshaker Outlets in Multiple Cities, an Another Game Changing Success Lead by Our Famous Leader Mr,Fred Fok.
Our Very Active Team Romania Offered Multimillion Euro Deals on our Marchant Platform Dealshaker.

Lot of Luxurious Car Deals are Already Existing on DS & Much more on it’s way.

Same with our India, Pakistan and many Other International Teams Lead by Our True Dedicated Leaders. We mustn’t Forget that “We Started from ZERO”& Here we are Today, Experiencing the Difference-The Beauty of our Onecoin. Negativity, Complaining take us Nowhere Anyway. Education, Understanding, Dedication Can take us to the Light. Good Things are Happening, Success is Visible.
* AMAZING * 10’000 Coupons have just been sold on DealShaker (for Italian members only).

On this offer, a OneLife member resident in Italy buys the coupon 50 % ONE (3.54 ONE) + 150 €. He will then be credit on his Italian credit card of € 300 that he can spend anywhere or his CB is accepted!!!

This is further proof that our concept works and allows members of our community to increase their purchasing power and merchants to increase their sales.

Congratulations to Marco Vassanelli, Country Manager DealShaker in Italy for his excellent work and to all members of the community for believing in the OneCoin concept!

Tomorrow a French-speaking webinar will take place especially to present a similar offer available for France and French-speaking countries with as special guest Marco Vassanelli to know the terms and conditions of the offers in order to take advantage!

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