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How Can Increase The Number Of Merchants And Onecoin Usability ?

The DealShaker platform has not been in existence for 5 years. It came into existence in February 2017, i.e it is 3 years old. The number of merchants on our platform would be a lot higher, if our IMA understand about the platform, majority don’t.

How can increase the number of merchants and ONE’s usability?

1. Educate the IMAs, what is Dealshaker?

2. How to buy goods / services on the DealShaker?

3. How to introduce merchants onto the DealShaker?

Most if not all IMAs to participate rather than sit on their backside. If people did, people will not only hit our target but surpass it. The only thing that can increase the merchants is exchange. But any exchange now will lead to price crash. What people need to do first are as follows:.
1. Enable wallet to wallet transfers. 2. Enable mobile App for Onecoin and dealshaker.
3. Upgrade dealshaker to be competitive. 4. Upgrade the blockchain and include block explorer.
5. Run a documentary of the above in Major Television for a minimum period of 6 months.
6. Announce a date for a restricted exchange that will create monthly transaction limit.

Using 1 Million merchants and 10M members is not in the overall interest of all. If you achieve the above 1m target yet the public perception is still bad the coins will still crash. Let’s focus more on image redeeming than merchants increase. If the public perception is high merchants will be struggling to join on their own. New members will struggle to be part of any ongoing promotions.

This is one of the questions people frequently ask these days! So, what is behind this particular question?

Many of those asking this question don’t understand the concept of cryptocurrency while some mined OneCoin for a wrong reason. They wanted to participate in a get-rich quick scheme. OneCoin was created to replace fiat currency. It was not created as a speculative cryptocurrency without usability.And it was also created to discourage Money Laundering and so AML was implemented in the structure.

This is a fact OneCoin is the first cryptocurrency to establish her own e-commerce platform DealShaker. where you can buy or sell goods and services. Many people hoped to get into OneCoin cryptocurrency to get rich quickly, but they don’t understand what your advantage is. When you use our DealShaker, you not only have the advantage that you buy cheaper in euros, but also the advantage that you increase the value of the coin, but the only happens if we all work together!

Those people who are asking for Exchange, and saying the goal of (1 million merchants & 10 million users) is not achievable don’t understand the concept of OneCoin cryptocurrency. They forget that people are more than 3.6 members !! If each member bring in one merchant, All users will have more than 3.6 million merchants very fast !

The future of OneCoin is so bright, because it is a newly created cryptocurrency combining innovation, profitability and security. OneCoin is the future! What the company is trying to establish is something new, which others have not achieved, to get OneCoin to become a coin of merchants’ choice.

When you are involved with a new innovation, you are chartering a new territory. So, who created Bitcoin? Not government. Who gave it a value? Not government. It was public who gave value to Bitcoin by accepting it at a certain value.Similarly, the company is trying to establish a value and acceptability of OneCoin, albeit on the internal exchange. It too can be established just like Bitcoin through acceptability, by both public and merchants. If people accept it, it has a value.
Honestly, Do you think, that it is respectful towards IMA’s, who have worked with tough effort to develop the DealShaker, while that your are totally asleep, to repeat like a Big group parrots the same words that haters against OneCoin!!

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