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Onecoin Is The Only Cryptocurrency, That Showing And Teaching The Benefits Of Cryptocurrency To The People Of Glob By Practical Usage

Education is the heart Of Onelife Company, as Onelife members that should go through the OneAcademy course to understand, about finances, OneCoin vision, and about what’s going on with currency. It very important do not give the wrong information to the people . OneCoin is the only Cryptocurrency, that showing and teaching The benefits of Cryptocurrency To the people of glob by practical usage .  the exchange, go back to fait currency’s the world will the advantages of Cryptocurrency.

That are in the great position. and On The Best place , And also here on right time.

People will be so excited to hear a bout this great vision. Sponsor new people with education packages, make the brand bigger and bigger that will win .

Can someone create their own cryptocurrency like BTC and others, Otherwise, how is BTC and others created….?

Estimated more than 3.000 cryptocurrencies are circulating worldwide, most of them are the perfect copy of Bitcoin. You can create your own now and call it as you like if you want.

But if no one exploits it, nobody knows about it, nobody wants it and nobody buys it, basically, it’s not worth more than a gap in monsoon.

Bitcoin is open source, which means the code is accessible to the public and people can read it and copy it as they want.

It’s like religion if you want, you can write your own Bible or holy book now.

You can also make a perfect copy of the Bible, but if no one comes to your church, or prays to your god, you don’t have much religion.

Mark Scott’s sentencing is postponed to July 14, 2020. Mark Scott’s sentence, one of the individuals involved in the cryptocurrency fraud worth billions of OneCoin, has been postponed, documents revealed.

Judge Edgardo Ramos of the Southern District Court of New York issued Scott’s request, who was convicted of money laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to commit bank fraud, postponed sentencing until July 14 7 years 2020. The sentencing has been postponed many times due to various reasons, this time the alleged delay is due to Scott to undergo further medical trial.

Scott, an ex-capital partner at Locke Lord LLP law firm, washed $ 400 million proceeds from OneCoin through fraudulent investment funds he founded and operates for that purpose. Scott was paid over $ 50 million for his money laundering services, which he used to buy luxury cars, a yacht and some beach houses.

As reported earlier in February Scott pushed to release Government Evidence suggests that OneCoin activities expanded to the United States are extremely limited, Scott said.

Scott argued that there was no testimony shown by any witnesses. Scott is related to OneCoin sales, less sales in the United States or Scott has faith that OneCoin violated any criminal law.

Scott also insisted that jury instructions on both bank fraud and money laundering are wrong at key points, allowing the jury to convict him based on behaviour will not violate the law in question.

Even if the Government has provided sufficient evidence of charges charged, a new trial will be required to remedy these guided errors, Scott said.

According to the Government, the jury’s decision that the defendant is guilty based on legitimate evidence proves his guilt beyond reasonable doubt. Nor does the government give events and circumstances surrounding the jury’s guilty sentence providing any basis for the decision in the new trial, the Government says.

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