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You Can Buy King Tower Luxury Apartment With Onecoin

4 room apartment for sale in KING TOWER, which will be commissioned in August 2020. -194sqm 4 room KING TOWER APARTMENT provides the highest level of decoration and comfort, incorporates the skills of French architects, and is built to the standard of a 5-star hotel. Car parking: For the convenience of the residents at any time of the winter and summer, on the B1 and B2 floors, there is a fully heated 2-storey car park for each family, as well as a fully camera-covered open parking lot for visitors. Security: Luxury King Tower has a 24-hour camera security service for comfortable living and security.*Lw5Q4GP3CA4l1wO1vZIuhY~
A 24-hour reception area with an integrated lobby, a corridor with 4 meters of high ceilings and a floor with clean stone tiles of the Italian FLORIM group represent the comfortable environment of a 5-star hotel. The town is the first complex town in Mongolia to provide all kinds of services to meet the needs of its residents.
You can choose from more than 40 service centers located in the town and get comfortable without wasting your precious time in traffic jams. Special services for residents only Free service for residents of Luxury King tower apartment Free service only for residents of Luxury King tower apartment Service centers such as Event hall and children’s playroom to be commissioned in 2020 Specially designed for housing.
Please contact the seller in advance before printing the coupon.
Coins cannot be returned if you click on a coupon without contact. For specific logins: Masha99, Myagaa01, Dalai28, Myagaa, Burenkhaikhan99
3. Purchases will be made after the opening of the exchange.