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Onecoin Introduce A New Technology Of KYC In Blockchain !!

OneCoin signs the rise of a global financial revolution find that one of the worst turbulent financial years the whole world has ever seen is because of irresponsible business transactions and greedy organizations shrugged in. It’s terrible that humanity witnessed the global economic crisis in 2008 it has a tragic impact on the world, even if many people don’t understand exactly what is happening .

Unemployment rate increases mutation and land market is cut down. Many governments and large organizations blame each other for the weakening of their currency and weakening the system. It is therefore no surprise that the world’s first cryptocurrency is announced and followed with a huge excitement, creating a more reliable future

Eight years later, there are estimated that more than 600 types of cryptocurrencies are operating worldwide. One of the most heard of is Bitcoin, BitCoin has led the market since its establishment in 2008.

However in the world of cryptocurrency at that time there was also another cryptocurrency that appeared to challenge the market leader. In a short span of time, OneCoin built user facilities including millions in over 195 countries. Their increase has made many people predict that they will become the world’s number one cryptocurrency in the next few years or sooner.

What is believed to be indispensable for OneCoin’s promotion is their outstanding ability to innovate on their existing products and services. Perhaps a special currency they soon intended for the future governments around the world set the engraving regulations to prevent strong development with cryptocurrencies.

OneCoin soon announced KYC technologies (know your customers), because this is the famous point for them to create a position in the market as well as mainstream expression that the law requires transparency in national currency trading system, allows OneCoin users to know more about the people they are exchanging money for.

Many people have been skeptical about joining the cryptocurrency world, and therefore, with innovation like this, OneCoin is building a bridge of trust between potential users and cryptocurrency. When doing so, OneCoin hopes it can lead the monetary revolutionary game and bring more people into the independent financial world.