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Onecoin Blockchain Allows Transactions To Be Done Fastest From 30 Seconds To 1 Minutes For 1 Transactions And Especially Integrate Transactions Simultaneously

It’s important to see what we’ve already done, what we do and why we want everything ready for the future. so everything is well. We have a global society that means we act in accordance with each country’s rules and regulations. OneCoin is 100 % legitimate and all of us who keep hope and courage and don’t question us will receive dividends in the near future. What is so unique and interesting with OneCoin is exactly that it is contrary to all other cryptocurrencies. It’s unique just like Bitcoin was at first. The difference is that OneCoin is a centralized currency and therefore easy to keep track of.

Currently, BITCOIN takes 10-15 minutes to complete a transaction, or at the time “heat” may take all day. ONECOIN BLOCKCHAIN allows transactions to be done fastest (from 30 seconds to 1 minutes for 1 transactions and especially integrate transactions simultaneously), and virtually no fees (to Anyone who has ever transferred ONE in the system will understand this). Every day there are about $ 5000 billion transportation worldwide, to meet that demand, ONECOIN is created with a total amount of 120 billion VND ONE, the price per ONE is built by ONELIFE corporation Lowest floor is 30 EURO. This amount is enough to provide for the market, to achieve these two things ONELIFE has built over the last 5 years, which has not eliminated COIN in more than 5000 COINMARKETCAP Statistics) get it.

The brand is built and confirmed through the amount of community that COIN has, the bigger the community, the more the brand spreads. Not saying too much :”HAVING COMMUNITY IS HAVING ALL” money and fame is determined by the community. So about 10 years back here, big corporations always set goals as :”MAXIMUM OF BRAND VALUE NO MORE SET GOAL IS MAXIMUM PROFIT” AND ONELIFE GROUP NOR LAY OUT OF THAT TITLE.

By the current super Marketing method – MLM (MULTI LEVEL MARKETING), ONECOIN has been developed by ONELIFE corporation over 196 countries that create continuous growth of networks from which build and developing a strong brand The strongest in the world of encrypted, it’s ONECOIN. Thanks to the global popular brand, ONECOIN quickly approaches the most users, nearly 3.6 million members. From there rapidly increase the number of BUSINESS who want to reach millions of people who are owning ONECOIN in the world by the PROFIT THAT ONELIFE COMMUNITY CAN BRING BUSINESS.

ONECOIN APP is always more different than 5000 types of COIN on the floor, and endlessly advanced through the THAILAND CIRCUMCIRCLE that takes ONECOIN as center. In particular, ONECOIN’s application is focused on DEALSHAKER e-commerce platform. COM Where ONECOIN plays an intermediate between products and services.

Comparison to the number 1 e-commerce page in the world is AMAZON. Amazon has approximately 350 million users and 2 million traders. DEALSHAKER has nearly 3.7 million members, nearly 800 THOUSAND MERCHANT – as a DEALSHAKER seller. So DEALSHAKER will be very small compared to Amazon. But not one of Amazon’s 2 million traders is wanting to motivate anyone to become a merchant for Amazon. But if each of us (3.7 million members) can bring in at least 2 traders, then DEALSHAKER will reach 7.4 million traders, and DEALSHAKER will become greater than Amazon.

More traders mean more products are exchanged on DEALSHAKER, leading to more customers buying. Every transaction on DEALSHAKER always has ONECOIN as mediate so also increases ONECOIN’s application. This promotes the increase in value of ONECOIN.

Media and social media nowadays have great influence, they can make a small change in any market. Do we still remember NETSCAPE and YAHOO? These search engines were soon forgotten when the GOOGLE giants took over the market, and introduced to users a more sophisticated, friendlier software. Surely we also remember MYSPACE, the social media forum quickly forgotten, and was completely taken over by FACEBOOK? Or in Vietnam, traditional taxi companies are struggling with GRAB, GO – VIET,.. in recapture the market.

These huge companies have not used ads to increase the number of users, which they grow based on trust, achievement and more importantly pleasing customers. Similar phenomenon is happening with ONECOIN right now. Right now, we have a powerful and clear opportunity in front of our eyes.

These are the elements that create value for ONECOIN, and when ONECOIN is officially launched, the market has been built, not just a few countries but worldwide. From which the value of ONECOIN is increased is absolutely certain. THIS IS NOT A PROMISE OR A GUARANTEE AT ALL.