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Special Announcement Of Onecoin !! The unique value proposition of our products has made us the most famous centralized cryptocurrency in the world

This new promotion (10K) is the heart of the One Academy Academy and focuses on the One Academy Academy Phase 1 training package. We have incredible platforms and conduits to share and educate dynamic information about financial and cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which will continue to improve, transform and influence the world.

OneFamily, as a company, to expand our understanding of who we are and what our products always intend to achieve, Need more communities than ever. An educated miner,It should be noted that the more you add, the more value you create in the ecosystem. It is a dynamic, exciting, future-oriented and first system. The unique value proposition of our products has made us the most famous centralized cryptocurrency in the world.
As a result, a 10K promotion began. Please read the details to see exactly the steps you wish to participate.

have (3) phase, 1) phase 100 IMA, 2) phase 1,000 IMA and 3) phase 10,000 IMA.

concept:Bundle of 10 starters at a price of € 1400 (bank transfer only) Buy 1 package and you will get 3 extra free starters. This is now eligible for one of our steps.

Yes, for example, to send money to a company bank via bank transfer Two or three paid only once € 2800 or € 4200 = (€ 1400 + € 2800). In this case, you need to provide the username and name of each person who purchases 10 starter blocks. This information is eligible for the username / person to be calculated individually for the expected step.

This promotion is only for 60 days with Wonder Wheel running
It runs for up to 60 days. Our special is the super wonder wheel. Most of them know how the Wonder Wheel works normally. When the wheel rotates, you get 25%, 50% or 100% extra free tokens from IMA. However, when the wheel rotates, for this promotion you get 50%, 75%, 100% or 200% extra tokens, so you can create a super wonder wheel
Let’s not start right now with the 10K campaign

First steps-100 IMAs
Special VVIP dinner at the company’s global events with top executives and key company employees. In a panel discussion at the company’s global event, a special 2-hour question with a key employee hosted by Captain and With the answer segment.

Stage 2-1,000 IMA
In addition to the benefits of joining the first stage, second stage participants will access login details for demo testing of the new platform and provide feedback on features to add. The group has the first option to prepare for the new Forex platform, and during the event, you can participate in one zoom call per month with the company’s Corporate team. Receive special PINs at global events.

Phase 3-10,000 IMA
In addition to the benefits gained by participating in Phases 1 and 2, Level 3 participants are invited to a special telegram group owned by Corporate, and weekly news and updates are provided along with the company roadmap. Company employees in this group provide news and screenshots for the development of new back offices and new DealShaker e-commerce sites.
The first 10,000 people receive a special PIN from the GNLG leader after the global event. Early prices for global events are only available to those participating in the 10K level.