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Cryptocurrency Won’t Replace Fiat – Fiat Will Become Cryptocurrency !!

Something like Bitcoin won’t replace fiat, because fiat gives the government legal manipulation of money, this is a very powerful tool in the economic arsenal of every government around the world .

How is it possible that cryptocurrencies can replace the predefined in wonder and what are the reasons for or against it ? Cryptocurrency won’t replace fiat – Fiat will become cryptocurrency.Bitcoin will always exist as a force outside of bad: Of course humanity will witness not far from a money reserves against bad, an archive of value is certain.

But we find that the current digital money system is outdated, expensive, slow and ineffective. Digital designation will only upgrade from the current outdated model to cryptocurrency model. Work has been laid out for this because, at least, both China and the U.S. Fed are working or at least studying a cryptocurrency version of their respective currencies.

The natural thing is that the old digital fiat model will be upgraded to more efficient and advanced cryptocurrency model beyond imagination. This will not end in a fiat monetary space, it will help their use more effective than any tool that exists in the human world.

Cryptocurrency as  know today still exists.. exists…. (maybe Bitcoin and maybe some other big currency it’s extremely mysterious, or coming from somewhere far away), but fiat currency will also be technologically upgraded for cryptocurrency model.