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Consumer Demand Addresses The Electronic Channel, Uses These Trends To Strengthen Businesses And Avoid Permanent Losses Of Money

What’s wrong with is that people misuse them, for example, someone who evades taxes, leaves the country and takes all their Bitcoin. But use, creation and interaction within the limits of the law are more than welcome by the government.
UBRV can be identified (Common Basic Value) for every living creature. Creatures in a species tend to physiology have fundamental practical values very similar. Universal basic real values can be recorded and measured using blockchain technology and distributed when necessary for each living creature.

Real value is not (emotional) or (symbolic) (wealth) and for mammals as humans include the material that sustaining life created only by nature. Nature must and surely be fixed, restored and expanded as the only source of true life-sustaining value on the planet.

In order to maintain failure, human economics must be swift and surely be replaced with real-time values, real-time value system by human beings (mammals) uses scientific tools & technology or without humanity over time as in billions of years before years.

This urgently needs to implement Ecuador and Latin America to combat corruption severely.
South Africa will take advantage of blockchain to reduce corruption and provide access to services
South Africa aims to integrate blockchain technology to solve some of the challenges facing the country.South Africa’s Presidential Commission on the Fourth Industrial Revolution recommended the use of blockchain to solve diseases such as corruption and lack of market access. Since the country is rich in minerals, blockchain can also improve the industry, providing valuable information and tracking data in the sector.

South Africa has been among African countries that have seen the largest adoption of blockchain technology in Africa. However, much remains to be done, Commissioner Mpho Dagada believes. Speaking during the Blockchain Africa Conference, I have pointed out that blockchain could bring immense value to the country’s mining sector.

If the world is moving towards more blockchain systems that are transparent and people want that, we know there is a fortress in Africa’s minerals and why not connect that at the top of the sector? We might find that we will solve the problems we have, such as corruption or market access. These problems could be solved if we incorporate these solutions and allow them to plug in and play. The country also houses Vinny Lingham, the founder of Civic blockchain identity verification network.

The Blockchain Africa Conference was held at a time when the coronavirus took over the world, and African countries joined the long list of affected nations. In South Africa, where it was celebrated, thirteen people already tested positive for the virus. Fear of the virus prevented the assistance of some keynote speakers, including Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.
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Consumer demand addresses the electronic channel, uses these trends to strengthen businesses and avoid permanent losses of money.