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Business Schools Have Added Different Courses To The Teaching Program Including Topics Such As Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Assets

Cryptocurrency and blockchain are no longer the appropriate topic as we see more and more traditional companies stepping in. Even business schools have added different courses to the teaching program including topics such as blockchain and cryptocurrency assets. Rockefeller will invest in Blockchain and cryptocurrency !!

Perhaps the worst nightmare of cryptocurrency enthusiasts is becoming a reality, the Rockefeller family is entering cryptocurrency. As you know, the community is passionate about disregard for large corporations, governments and wealthy families involved in the market because they have enough financial resources to manipulate prices. Venrock adventurous investment company has collaborated closely with CoinFund and will invest in blockchain startups.

In an interview with Fortune, one of the partners, David Pakman said, we want to collaborate with this group invested and really helped architect some cryptocurrency economies and projects based on different cryptocurrency. If the rumors are true, Venrock is responsible for approximately $ 2,6 billion in various assets. For those not known, the Rockefeller family is one of the richest men in the world with a combined property block of over $ 1 trillion.

Pakman notably emphasizes that risky investment doesn’t care about short-term profits. Instead, investors seek long term profits by betting on blockchain and cryptocurrency projects: There are a lot of cryptocurrency traders on the market. There are lots of cryptocurrency defense funds. This is different. For us, it looks a bit similar to risky investment.

CoinFund was born in 2015 and since then has poured money into various projects including Kik, messaging apps. CoinList is another CoinFund customer. CoinList helps companies launch their ICO according to current regulations.

Since the beginning of the year, the U.S. Stock and Trading Committee has closely monitored ICO and some even stopped working, however, the interesting thing is that Jay Clayton doesn’t think ICO is a natural scam tool. Moreover, he insisted that the world must eliminate scammers to achieve advances in blockchain technology: If we don’t stop scammers, there is a serious risk as the pendulum, executive legal action, it will be so serious that they will limit the capacity of this new security.

While Venrock’s move may not be loved, co-founder of CoinFund Jake Brukhman believes the new money flow will be good, then we will cooperate with (VenRock) to help counseling, counseling and support support groups in space, We are trying to hone unique synthetic power between teams as we see more experienced founders and more traditional tech startups occupy blockchain .

Software We are at an important volume to teach this domain. There will be a real phenomenon in business in the near future. And after 5 years, there won’t be too many big business schools not offering similar classes., Review Kevin Werbach, professor at the University of Pennsylvania.