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What Will The Banking System Be In The Coming Years ?

The bank likes this. Because all my spending activities and their friends know. How much is the income. Address of the house. Date of birth. The habit of spending. Investments. They all know. They manage you close. And of course the government knows each of its activities.

Before, when you go to work and get paid, or when you receive money from your family. Money goes straight to your bank account. The bank likes this. Before knew Cryptocurrency Digital Encryptocurrency, 90 % of the money I had in the bank. 10 % is cash. Banks like this because they hold their money, pay themselves 0.5 % interest and immediately give the next to credit loan at 24.99 % interest rate.

But after knowing Cryptocurrency. I took 90 % of the money in the bank and put it in Cryptocurrency. Banks don’t like this because they suddenly find their account less active. And especially my balance evaporated to the minimum of account maintaining.

Because of the money you put in your bank account not your money. It’s money you give bank LOAN. Your labour value is not taken by you. And it will decrease over time (as you are too clear). Your labor value is impacted by the 3rd party. They print money, you die. They break debt, you die. Or simply, trade balances change,

With Cryptocurrency, your real new money ownership. There is no middle one. You hold Crypto means you are the bank. Not just a bank account.. Where you transfer money to is your business, cross the border. Nobody knows who you are. You store the value of labor in your HEAD. You don’t have to register for 3. rd party Also, inflation doesn’t exist.

Imagine if everyone was like me in the future. Shortly after receiving salary, transfer all government money to Crypto money and put it in personal wallet. Full ownership.

The bank will slowly lose. Even those who work in the bank will be smart enough to open their own Crypto wallet and own money instead of giving it to the third party. Because all the bank can do, your wallet can doing it many times better. And cannot be hacked.

In short, I don’t know if the future Cryptocurrency prices will be up or down. But there is one thing I claim. Paper money / Bank money, value will return to number 0 true to the real nature.

With Cryptocurrency, money is not in the bank TK, safe, or plastic card, but it’s in your head. You keep Private Key in your head, you can take your money anywhere.