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Digital Assets Can Be The Property Itself Or Instead Reflect The Ownership Of A Basic Property

In order to maintain competition, companies find themselves strengthening their business digital transformation efforts by developing new services based on new technologies and integrating these technologies into translations existing products and services. Companies identify important legal developments that dominate the use and acceptance of blockchain technology, smart contracts and technical assets scared.

Blockchain technology are huge new technology, from copyright protection, to voting, most of the current application is in the financial services and focus of this newsletter will be mostly using blockchain and smart contracts in that field. For digital assets, we have organized this topic approach by discussing traditional assets or functions (although types and functions may be duplicate), meaning, talents digital production such as:

– Stock stock
– Virtual money
– Goods
– Invisible deposits, accounts, assets
– Transfer tool
– Electronic chattel paper
– Digital assets

Digital assets can be the property itself or instead reflect the ownership of a basic property. Example: Electronic records equivalent to transfer tools and electronic paper will be digital assets, as well as electronic logs of security benefits for basic assets, such as quotes subject to real or personal assets and use the notification code that represents revenue flow from other low-liquid assets such as patent and commercial real estate (sometimes known as “tokenized” property or digested).

In addition to reporting blockchain management laws and regulations, smart contracts and digital assets, this newsletter will also report on legal developments to support infrastructure and ecosystems for permission to use and accept these new technologies.

Each issue will have an in-depth look at a timely and important current topic. In this issue, let’s see the US Innovation Strategy Center Framework and Financial Technology of the US Trading and Stock Commission to analyze ” Investment Contract ” Digital Asset Finance Department for start-up plan to sell digital assets.