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As far as Onelife is concerned you are a leader of all leaders in a particular sphere, that’s Dealshaker Dept. As such, I repeat, your words should be smoothing and soothing atimes (hard nut to swallow but the gospel truth).

Definitely all are affect not only the ignorant as you have put it. Even the Cooperate that’s suppose to be vigilant and technical versatile in the know-how have been robbed severally by their very own employees. Are you going to say the Cooperate is ignorant? Even amongst the then GLG IC, were they ignorant too not to know that all updates of 2019 et al was assumed a shackle or not suppose to be true? Were they not holding meetings with the said Habib’s and Vasalina’s?

As I mentioned earlier, people have…all have been busted and coping mechanism differs hence some, if not most do seek succour from delegated leaders like you to move on.

Just to let you know, am amongst those believers of ONECOIN/ONELIFE with a LION-HEART and have not complained to you or any other of slackness, that my sponsor or whoever in my team got an issue rather I only was making reference to your approach atimes to peoples comment…Pronto!!!!!. More so, yes its not an elementary school just as in normal classroom…even in postgraduate studies not all student have same learning & assimilation capacity hence it’s called a class or group of student….they stay and learn from & with each other (together)….TEAM. Though some still will fail the class or drop out but might still come successful even without educational certificate or qualification in their future endeavors.

In addition, am amongst those that have studied his ONEACADEMY TO THE 7TH LEVEL…YES 7 certificates and and on it again the second time (repeatedly) am proud of it (that might ring a bell of what account I possibly hold amongst others as at 2016 when I keyed into Onelife/Onecoin). This does not make me a super-ted, am only human and same applies to some of us in this community.

Finally, am not doing a blame game as you have stated rather spelling it as it is….difficult to grok the bitter truth. Many might not want to spell it out as have done the last few hours (my very first time in this group to write this length…but have been following) for fear or whatever. Mind you, no body have thought anyone 1+1=2, which was suppose to be because we are only human and no one can boast of monopoly of knowledge. Where you feel you know it all, in another sphere you might be a novice and will struggle to beat the huddle.