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Onecoin Unique Compared To The Other Cryptocurrencies

OneCoin unique compared to the other cryptocurrencies

When you go to websites like Coin Markets or whatever, you will see that there are a lot of cryptocurrencies out there! Nobody can say how many actually, it can be 1000 or 1500! We just don’t know, so in my opinion however there. May be three or four really big ones who are trying to be big.

Bitcoin for sure is one of the big ones, most people who speak about cryptocurrency trade this coin and do things with this coin. Bitcoin has a lot of good things, it is the pioneer! Without Bitcoin, without Blockchain, without the idea… We all will not be here!

But, there are several things, Bitcoin is not a coin for everyone, it has his own usages (drugs, terrorism…..etc) and it is the right coin for some people but not for everyone. For example a lot of people are attracted, who are more speculators because the price goes up and down quite a lot, and all these things that are difficult to manage.

Bitcoin is a very good ideas but it was not a mass market cryptocurrency and I thought if you simplify cryptocurrencies so that everybody understands it. It could actually become something like Facebook something like uber.

I think there’s still no coin out there which is targeting the mass market and I believe this is the case because the community of cryptocurrency is a bit arrogant! So they are for sure very knowledgeable people very smart guys most of them with very heavy IT background, But we should give something to the public, a lot them also believing in this theory of communism . Nothing bad with this but if you put something out there and give it for absolutely free to the people, you have no money to invest in infrastructure, that it will move in the right direction. So for sure they can not invest in events like we do, they can not invest in education, they can not invest in a strategy…

So I think what is unique about OneCoin!

Point one is We target the mass market, we try to make the cryptocurrency as simple as we can, we try to link it to education, we try just to be accessible for everyone, make the mining very simple and make the usage very simple.

The second thing that we are unique is that we are very global, so we always tried to create a cryptocurrency that is present on all continents. It is not an easy task because sometimes it is much easier to be on one continent, for example Europe where people are very sophisticated where they understand this or China where people also like a lot of cryptocurrencies. But still we believe from the beginning if we want to be the future of payments, if we want to do transactions! We have to be also in Africa, India and Latin America, So this is very important for us.

The third thing that I believe is very very important is; We are one of the few cryptocurrencies that focus on usage, I don’t mean usage of the Blockchain like others like Ethereum… but I mean usage by people (Dealshaker). Because Cryptocurrency itself has no real value, it is just an algorithm, it is just a digital number that you have, unless you put something behind something can be a brand but something can be also the usability.

What we want to do with OneCoin is we would like to be the first choice for merchants, we want to create something like PayPal saying very simply but in the cryptocurrency world. And we know how simple PayPal goes you, just press a button and you send from A to B money for the merchant it’s quite expensive but it’s very simple. This why we decided to make a very fast Blockchain! Onecoin Transaction every 30 seconds gets approved. And that this is also something very very unique I have not seen any cryptocurrency focusing the strategy on merchants. Most of them a speculator cryptocurrency and whenever you have high volatility, it means the price going up and down very very quickly and fast is bad for you as a merchants.

OneCoin has the power to change the world! Many of the unbanked already have smart phones which can be used to totally manage their OneCoin accounts, and make local as well as online purchases. You can buy, property, accommodation, food, cars, holidays etc, with their coins at the current price , this is evidence , that is fact.