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Blockchain Technology Ensures The Stability Of Money Supply And Monitor Transactions In Currency

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We don’t believe that it will be China’s ambition, because it is the world’s largest reserve coin, which means the burden of Triffin Dilemma and Glut economics worldwide, Triffin, or misery, or naughty Triffin is a conflict of economic benefits that arises between short term international goals, and domestic for countries with currency as global reserves.

This depression, has been defined in the 1960 s by Belgium – American economist Robert Triffin, it was indicated that countries with coins are global reserve currency, foreign countries want to keep, must be ready to give the world with an extra source of more currency to meet world needs for these forex reserves, so lead to trade deficit

Specifically, Triffin awkward situation is often quoted to clarify the problem, as the role of the US dollar as the reserve currency under the Bretton Woods system. John Maynard Keynes predicted this difficulty and supported the use of a global reserves called ‘ ‘ Bạncor ‘ ‘. Currently the IMF’s SDR is the closest thing to “Bancor” yet they are not yet widely accepted to replace the dollar as global reserves currency.

Before the 2007 financial crisis, the governor of the People’s Bank of China named the reserve currency of the US dollar, which was a factor contributing to economical loss and head global privacy leads to crisis. Zhou Xiaochuan’s July 29 speech proposed to strengthen existing global currency control, via IMF.

This will relate to gradually leave the US dollar as a reserve currency and towards the use of IMF’s special withdrawal (SDR) as global reserves. which would be a special international reserve currency used instead of the dollar shout Zhou argued that part of the reason the Bretton Woods system was originally broken was the rejection of Keynes’s ” bancor ” bancor. ”

The American economists such as Brad DeLong agreed that on most points that Keynes was overwhelmed by Americans during the Bretton Woods negotiations, then he was proved to be true by the events. Triffin progress – Wikipedia

“A 2007 Economic Development and Cooperation Organization reports ( OECD ) says”, exceeds bulk savings on fixed investment (net loan) in ‘ ‘ ‘ compilation of business area of OECD ‘ ‘ has been abnormal since 2002.

2006 International Report of the Currency Fund shows, ” since the market bubble burst in the early 2000 s, companies in many industrial countries have moved from traditional position as loan capital to sponsor their capital spending to run financial surplus which they are currently having loan to other areas of the economy ”

David Wessell in an article on Wall Street has commented that, ” including, usually borrowing money from others to invest, has become economical. Even companies that benefit profits and strong cash flow are building cash, reducing debt and buy back to their own shares, instead of putting an investment bet. ”

In 2005, JP Morgan Chase & Co. noticed that the increase of exceeding savings in the business area has contributed to “relatively low global long-term interest at the time of deficit of the US bank account”. Greenspan argues that excessive savings lead to ” reduce global reality interest rates and their related capital rate. Asset prices, especially home prices, near two dozen countries followed by significantly higher. standard but not too average compared to other countries, Glut save global – Wikipedia

Instead, China will probably do things like this predicted to avoid contact with the limit and negative impact of dollars on regional economy where China will rule: Asian Cup launching new reserve money to avoid dependence on US dollar

Summary: A Digital Reserve is Asia, AIIB support will make US Dollar index 20 % off and 30 % increase from gold. In order to face the increasingly widespread trade competition and breach from U.S. increased threats to weapons of US dollar and global financial control, Infrastructure Investment Bank Asia creates a new reserve asset called Asia Capital Rights, or ADR, with 1 ADR equivalent to $ 2, turning ADR into the world’s largest currency.

ADR is motivated by blockchain technology and regional central bank reserves are supplied with this amount of money – equivalent to the combination of current gold reserves, africa forex reserves Current USA, GDP scale and transaction volume. As a reserve asset, ADR is not transacted by the public, but representing a basket of currency and gold, with Chinese currency, with Chinese currency copper highlights a lot in the mixture and U.S. Dollarger under 20 %.

This motion is clearly aimed to minimize regional trade and local economy agrees to begin to conduct all commercials in the region only in ADR, with Russian oil exporters and OPEC countries excited to register for increasing dependence into the Asian market. Blockchain technology ensures the stability of money supply and monitor transactions in currency. Export revenue received in ADR can be converted into local money by central banks and ADR-based bonds markets and other financial tools, also guaranteed on blockchain, enhancement bar account and faith in ADR as a reliable asset.