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Onecoin Company Is The Largest Central Bank With 120 Billion Limited Coins Set Worldwide

Most of the community has not understood what is going on so far in financial, _ mass market is waiting for new crypto currency that can be adopted in bulk, which is used by masses mostly made up of people who don’t have bank accounts.

OneCoin is a cryptocurrency that currently has a community of users of 3,7 million people, all identified with KYC banking protocol .

It is worth noting that _ OneCoin is the only cryptocurrency to voluntarily adopt pro-transparency policy, which places it as the only digital currency that will be in accordance with the regulations requested by the government  OneCoin has been accused on several occasions of being a pyramid system or Ponzi scheme.

However, various investigations by authorities in countries such as Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany and England… etc have CLEAR THAT COMPANY OPERATION is still far from the FRAUD SYSTEM.

So far no investigation has confirmed that the company is drowning in the commission of any crime , otherwise it has all ended up confirming that it _ owns a very modern Blockchain and that it is a Network Marketing Business with all the necessary legality.

OneCoin Company is the largest Central Bank with 120 billion limited coins set worldwide , and OneLife is present to make way for later years.


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