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Many cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain are now facing lawsuits from U.S. government agencies

When cryptocurrency spaces and blockchain investigating solutions that seem private for payment and texting, the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA, there was a back door for one of the big encryption systems of the World since World War II.

Starting in World War II, Switzerland Crypto AG activity seems neutral has been developed encrypted media solutions for over 120 different countries over the past centuries, The Washington Post reveals on a 11th of July Exposé.

Crypto AG unlike its look behind the scenes of the Swiss company is CIA and seems to be German secret service corporation, the real owner of Crypto AG, monitoring all information lost like a mysterious third party.

The systems and solutions that Crypto AG sold to various countries have made the US and West Germany to obtain private data related to events such as Iran hostage situation in 1979 and Falklands War, The Washington Post details.

Two spy agencies originally called Thesaurus Thesaurus, fierce but finally changed their name to it Rub Rub.

Mission continues until 2018
Together, the CIA and BND maintained their scout activity and operated until the early 1990 s, The Post said, when BND sold Crypto AG shares to the CIA.

Running alone, the CIA continued Crypto AG’s operation until 2018, when technology advances caused unnecessary efforts.

The United States has caught up despite the electronic money supporter Edward Snowden has gone out of the US National Security Agency, or NASA, with his proof of government violations on global privacy I’m sorry.

Privacy in cryptocurrency space and blockchain. In cryptocurrency and blockchain space, many projects are aimed to provide privacy-related solutions for payment and messaging.

Anonymous digital assets, such as Monero and Zcash, aims to cover user s’ transactions. Messaging platforms are encrypted as Telegram, with its blockchain TON, seeks to add privacy to the media world.

Many cryptocurrency solutions and blockchain are now facing lawsuits from U.S. government agencies. Telegram is currently struggling from Stock Commission and Trading, or SEC, to perform what the management agency called an unregistered offer.

Currently the virus is contacting the CIA for more details, but no response since the press or this article, will be updated to fit in response.


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