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Onecoin News Updates 11 Feb.2020 !! DealShaker Platform Will Be Presented And Country Managers Training, Core Team Meeting

The new DealShaker Platform will be presented in summer!
In mid 2020, at a huge company event, a secure, stable and modern DS Platform is to be released!
Starting from end of February, the Captains will be receiving progress updates about the program on a bi weekly basis.

The 2nd GNLG meeting for 2020, the 1st DealShaker Country Managers Training, Core Team Meeting, Tour to DealShaker Stores and many other activities were part of this huge global event, that took place in Vietnam, 7-10 Feb, 2020.
A series of meetings and trainings started during this weekend in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
Over 60 top leaders attended the event.
All the meetings, lectures and conversations were to establish a new beginning on the DS Platform, where our DealShaker Country Managers will run their business with local expertise, making sure a mixture of merchants are onboard to ensure members/customers can buy a wide range of products and services.

Please enjoy the photo gallery of the best moments during this amazing event!
As promised last week, we’re happy to announce the names of the new DealShaker Country Managers!

Argentina Gustav Amuchastegui
Australia Thanh Duong
Azerbaijan Sevda Ibrahimova
Caribbean Patrice James / King Jaymes
China Sherry Gong /Fred Fok
China Taiwan Hannah Hsu
Colombia Luis Segura
Czech Republic Mai Loan
Ecuador Raul Pazos
Finland Reimu Likku
France / Belgium Julien Zerbini
Germany / Austria Werner Englisch
Greece / Cyprus Tzavaras Dimitris
Hungary Janos Tasi
Iceland Gunnar Jonasson
India / UAE Muhammad Adeel
Iraq Khabat Aziz
Ireland Robert Bailey
Indonesia Dr Putra Sulistya
Israel Dr Kheit Wahbi
Italy Marco Vassenalli
Japan Jose Sugawara / Saaya Ikegami / Dorei Tamamura
kyrgyzstan Kaliya Toktogulova
Latvia, Estonia, Baltic Stanlislavs Gorins
Mexico Aaron Sanchez / Marco Romero
Mongolia Erdenechimeg Luvsannamjil
New Zealand / Pacific Islands Andy Tran / Bopha Kuy
Nigeria Barbara Chukwurah
Norway/Denmark Pal Norby
Pakistan Affan Khan
Paraguay Sabien-Marie Savini
Panama Erik Antonio Rueda De Leon
Peru Abner Ruiz
Portugal Henrique Machado
Romania / Moldova Cristi Calina
Russia Dina Sinyakina
Singapore Victor Chan
Slovenia Polona Ajdic
Somalia Sayid Abdi
South Africa Flora Lisekiso Tontsi
South Korea Cho Hee Nam
Switzerland / Liechtenstein Emil Blumer
Slovenia Polona Ajdic
Somalia Sayid Abdi
South Africa Angelina Tlotliso Polaki
South Korea Cho Hee Nam
Switzerland / Liechtenstein Emil Blumer
Ukraine Elena Apalkova