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Onecoin Usability Is Usable All Over The World With The Acceptance Traceability And Identical Monetary Equivalent

Nearly 7,000 new businesses registered on # DealShaker in the past 30 days!

We continue to give greater usability to our coin # ONE the only way to give value and existence to a coin is # USABILITY ours is usable all over the world with the acceptance traceability and identical monetary equivalent.

Vamos towards the MILLION merchants
Recognize your advantage as a customer

Maybe Dealshaker is still not what we imagine, but it definitely has an advantage. We buy between 10 and 100% in OneCoin anything including food so it means EVERYTHING, from the automotive sector to real estate, in short, everything. An international e-commerce whose registration cost is 0 € non bankruptcy or rope around the neck, any product or service unsold for years instantly sees 194 countries and is also franchised.

I check my offers to see if they match the market price, only then do I approve them. Have fun and report any questions or requests for example watches. Meanwhile, events, expo, fairs and bazaars continue in every corner of the world convention businessmen ready to make profitable transactions. In Asia not even the coronavirus stops people ready for evolution and revolution but above all change and improvement. More and more “official” sites and channels full of images of people showing what they have been doing for almost 6 years on 194 countries on 6 continents.
This is how I see the advantages for every company.
Anyone who uses and understands the dealshaker correctly as an entrepreneur has also understood that this is a marketing tool at the moment and does not primarily make profits in EURO. It serves as a free tool to better market your company. He covers the, material costs, setting fee, dealshaker usage in percent, handling costs and brings ONECOIN to every dealer, which he can then use himself for shopping.

This is actually nothing new, at least for the Swiss, because they have had a second currency for over 80 years, but it is only used in Switzerland. The “WE” currency, all who have accepted the “WE” have also received the order. But ONECOIN has gone a step further, we are globally networked, we can exchange information worldwide, we can improve the value, we have no inflation due to the coin stocks.