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Onecoin Is 100 % Legitimate And All Of Us Who Keep Hope And Courage And Do Not Question Us Will Receive Dividends In The Near Future

Dear Onecoiners, there is to be proud!!! But too forward the world is ready to remittances and more? The company realized everything before they became law so we are pioneers of the most innovative revolutionary project ever.
We’re not just a normal society and we’re not just launching a cryptocurrency, and so everything is fine.

We have a global society, which means we act in compliance with the rules and regulations of each country. We will launch the greatest vision in the field of cryptocurrencies that the world has ever seen before.

Onecoin is 100 % legitimate and all of us who keep hope and courage and do not question us will receive dividends in the near future. What is so unique and interesting with onecoin is exactly that it is against all other cryptocurrencies. It’s unique just like Bitcoin was at the beginning. The difference is that onecoin is a centralized currency and therefore easy to keep track.

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies move freely on the market and cannot be controlled by authorities and create a mess in the financial world. The visibility and knowledge of those who have bitcoin is limited and allows criminals to perform operations outside the knowledge of authorities and banks. However, with onecoin, all members who have coins are registered (Kyc) and appreciated by the financial sector. The whole concept of onecoin is flawless! All the other companies that try to imitate onecoin will not succeed because they lack vision and do not have the right people in fact those born laterally over the years with all respect where they are? We are not the classic money fundraiser and the currency of profit where everything ends in no time. An ecosystem and company holding and the future of payments this is, above all we have a company legally constituted a vision and an existing founder do not miss it with an impressive bank, University, literary and lawyer curriculum.

A new era for a completely new payment concept has opened its doors to the world, that’s why dr. Ruja underlines the importance of dealshaker for the usability of the currency.

We all need to keep working to improve dealshaker’s work and help acquire new traders. I’m sure dealshaker and onecoin will re-create the entire market at the level where stock markets will react very positively. The future of onecoin is so brilliant that I express myself with words, but I’m trying to share my personal opinion and you can see it in the next future.

Onecoin has its own e-Commerce platform where you can buy any type of product or service. I will be accepted by the central bank as a remittance and therefore more people will be involved in the onecoin system

In the next future onecoin will be used on large scale. The future of onecoin is so attractive and surprising that every country and person will use it and usability will be easy for the whole world with one-Wallet!.. #ONECOIN WORLD CURRENCY #VISION #MISSION HELP 2 billion people who not They have access to the banking system but they have a smart phone. Ruja Ignatova.