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World Bank Should Form A New Super Currency, How A Super Currency Will Replace The Dollar In International Trade

Do we agree that the world bank should form a new super currency, how a super currency will replace the dollar in international trade..?

The main goal of the World Bank is:

1-Reconstruction and development.

2-Encouraging capital investment.

3-Encouraging international trade.

4-Establishment of peaceful economy.

5-Protect the environment.

6-Maintain balance status in balance.

It is possible to see in setting up a new super currency that is not the goal of the World Bank, it used to be the idea of the International Currency Fund when developing Special Withdrawal. It is used for transactions between IMF membership countries. So it is not a currency used in financial commerce as well as for trade trade trade or trade finances.

However, most members of the IMF fought the introduction of SDR as a separate super currency. Since all developing and poorly developed countries are members of IMF and the US are imported members and also the sponsor of this organization, it will be useless to try to replace US dollar with an artificial currency.

In recent years, there are many activities (private) to turn cryptocurrency into new super currency. This disable and similarly fails completely because it is often not accepted bulk as part of payment for commercial goods and services and payments.

Specifically, it fails as an account unit, store the value and standards of slow paid payments.

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