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Onelife’s Desire To Remain In This Challenging Landscape Is Clear And Blessed

This is an interesting suggestion from Wayne in the Main OneLife & DS Info. Collection:

With the new OLN roadmap and OLN renewal, new solutions have emerged. Onelife’s desire to remain in this challenging landscape is clear and blessed.

No less important than OLN to advance 1 ml. The goal of traders, is extremely important to redirect 80% of our OL sleep members to focus on our DS. At this point in time, there are only 20% of the members or viewers of our ecommerce program. To improve the situation, more frequent updates can be posted on the OL platform with some interesting promotions like “Now you can use your coins even if it’s number one in CoinSafe to buy goods and services in DS etc.”

To address a simultaneous confidence crisis that appears to be a matter of trust deficit at this juncture, the OL may consider setting up a DS for a reverse public offering or a back-listing by acquiring PLC mode on the NASDAQ or any stock market. In the shortest time between 2-6 months at a cost of $ 5 million ~ $ 20 million. OL / DS will become the major / wholly owned shareholder of this new listed entity.

Announcements and Qatar DS fees from merchants will be a significant contribution to the company’s revenue without significant impact on the OLN structure and IMA compensation system. For example, Alibaba charges about USD2000 / mth. For each ad. This revenue and revenue flow will create value for OL / DS and ONE as well.

This could be one of the most efficient and cost-effective alternatives in attracting millions of merchants, then building a brand name, generating revenue, creating a single value and achieving our goal in no time.

Being a PLC listed company, DS will be able to provide a healthy, profitable and more competitive business environment for merchants while at the same time protecting attention and attracting more OL users by providing the required services and quality goods at reasonable prices.

The eKYC app and its adoption as a quick approval solution for new merchants is crucial since time and speed are at their core to ensure that our goal and business are attainable without any major disruption.