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Many People Has Hope To Get Into Cryptocurrencies To Get Rich Quickly, But They Don’t Understand What Your Advantage Is

Is poverty something we should try and eliminate. ..?

Of course we try to eradicate poverty, there is nothing good about poverty, we don’t want to be poor, right? Of course not and we make a choice, no one else.

In an age when technology creates so much wealth that poverty can be eradicated, it is truly a crime against humanity to allow that wealth to be stored to the point where poverty is not just. allowed to exist but also increased.

However, exactly what we do in this day and age, we didn’t have the technology to prevent and cure some diseases and epidemics, and as a result, the plague often wreaked havoc on the entire population. .

Now that we have the knowledge to deal with these diseases, and we have eliminated them, we feel poor in the same context. You have the means to eradicate sustainable poverty, but you refuse to do so. Because of the priorities of the rich.

Many people hoped to get into cryptocurrencies to get rich quickly, but they don’t understand what your advantage is. When we use our Deal Shaker, we not only have the advantage that we buy cheaper in euros, but also the advantage that we increase the value, but that only happens if we all work together.

If everyone brings a new dealer, we have more than 3.6 million customers and vice versa. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

This is actually nothing new, at least for the Swiss, because they have had a second currency for over 80 years, but it is only used in Switzerland. The “WE” currency, all who have accepted the “WE” have also received the order. But ONECOIN has gone a step further, we are globally networked, we can exchange information worldwide, we can improve the value, we have no inflation due to the coin stocks, we can buy cheaper in euros and we can achieve everything faster. The word simply means do.