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Onecoin Special Announcement And Latest Update


1. NewLife and NewLife Plus packages will be effective from Jan. 18 2020

2. Split is coming very SOON

3. First Global Network Leaders Group (GNLG) and DealShaker Country Managers meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria on Jan. 18 2020, held by our captain team Simon Le and KJ

4. Our Sofia Crypto Center will be opened to receive the leaders visiting during this weekend

5. As per the section “Non-competition clause / Poaching / Sale of third-party services/ Conflict of interests” of the OneLife Terms and Conditions: Any and all OneLife members who join and/or work with (in any capacity) any other Cryptocurrency and/or any other Multi-Level Marketing companies are subject to immediate forfeiture of any and all assets in their account(s) (including any and all OneAcademy education package purchases; however, educational material will remain in the possession of the member)

Best regards, The OneLife Team

Le 18 janvier 2020, les leaders de la société Onelife on assiste à un meeting organisé par nos 2 capitaines, Simon Le and King James pour partager toute les nouvelles informations pour 2020.

Nouvelles structuration qui se compose de 4 équipe :

• Onelife team
• Dealshaker team
• OneFrorex team
• Légal média / communication team

Cette restructuration va nous permettre un professionnalisme afin que nous ayons une totale fonctionnalité de notre écosystème.

Pleins de nouveauté vont arrivé au cours des 6 prochains mois :

• pack d’éducation financière
• élection 70 GNLG ( Global Networker Leadership Group )
• Nouvelle plateforme Dealshaker
• communication professionnelle
« One Way, One Voice »
• nouvelle génération de la blockchain

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