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Don’t Miss Onecoin Upcoming Events, Starting With A Huge OneLife Event And Dealshaker Expo

Don’t miss our upcoming events, starting with a huge OneLife event, planned for this summer! More information about this reunion conference will be here for you soon!
Please find a short list with some of the upcoming events and initiatives.

Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Dealshaker mini Expo – Jan. 26th 2020
Dealshaker China January 2020
– HeNan 18/1/2020
and many more!

Announcement for Year 2020 OLN Leadership meeting(s).
Please register/confirm your attendance to E-mail:
before Jan. 17th (Sofia meeting)

If you would like to invite your leaders for this meeting, please specialize:
full name / rank / country / how long to join OLN
And have our approvals by email before having them to join the meeting(s).

1. Jan. 18th and/or Jan. 19th 2020 in Sofia (whole day event). Will confirm exact day by Jan. 17th.
Who can join-
All newly appointed GNLG members; current DS Franchise Holders; and Core Team members (OLN, DS, Legal/Marketing/Communication and OneForex).

next action plans; rule/scope of works of core teams and GNLG.

start the 2nd round of GNLG selection process for another 70 leaders.

2. Feb. 8th and 9th, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Who can join-
Feb. 8th – Leadership trainings for: GNLG (up to 140); Core Team members; DS Country Managers / and its Subs for official meetings/trainings about compliance and Admin access.
Feb. 9th – DealShaker Expo and Dinner (Dinner on Feb. 8th) – all DS and OLN members worldwide.
Over 80 merchants expected.

We’re pleased to provide you with a short list with some of the most significant events during the last weeks of 2019 and at the very beginning of the new 2020. Thanks to the organizer, to the leaders, to the members and the merchants – great work, great organization, amazing success!

Dealshaker New Year Fair Dha Nang City, Vietnam, Jan. 5th 2020
Grand Launching of OneLife  VN0023 Bridge & OLNVN Charity Program

Quang Nam, Vietnam, Jan. 4th 2020
DealShaker Bazaar Ecuador – Jan. 11th 2020
OneLife Kyrgyzstan New Year Gala Dinner, Jan. 2nd 2020
Dealshaker China January 2020
– Wuhan 5/1/2020
– Hangzhou 8/1/2020
– Shandong 11/1/2020
– Sichuan 11/1/2020
– Fujian JianOu 11/1/2020
– Ningbo 12/1/2020
– Fujian Fuzhou 12/1/2020
– Wenzhou 14/1/2020

Carribean Fintech Seminar 2020 – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, Jan. 6th 2020
Speaker: King Jayms, OneLife Blue Diamond, GNLC Member