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The Digital Currency Of The Central Bank Is Different From Virtual Currency And Cryptocurrency

Digital base currency  is the digital form of the trust currency (a currency established as a currency by a regulation or A government law).” the digital currency of the central bank Cbdc also called digital trust currency.

The Digital currency of the central bank is different from virtual currency and cryptocurrency, which are not issued by the state and do not have the status of legal courses declared by the government.

That is to say that 1 Onecoin is the digital representation of ….. euro

It’s as if we put (…….euro) in a small box (blok ) in an extremely secure box and this could be used as a payment method by merchants, instantly transfer from person to person Or be stored.

I repeat but don’t wrap up 1 Onecoin is the digital representation of a value, but what value?

The Central Banks that are about to release their cbdc
18 Central Banks in total
– to give you another example
1 one will also be the representation of 200 Yuan renminbi or 1 one is the digital representation of 200 TL (Turkish read)
Onecoin is just an encrypted representation of a currency, we only have the name of crypto currency only by the hall of the technology we use
A Central Blockchain with very powerful algorithms able to generate 50.000 BLOK (one) a minute
Thanks to this power of calculation, the one is transfer from one wallet to another in 1 minute  secure thanks to a kyc procedure registered directly on the blockchain
Onecoin becomes the most secure fast and effective way…
It’s still time for you to acquire ones before they officially become public