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There’s A Lot Of Merchants Now Who Accepting Onecoin Cryptocurrency As A Medium Of Payments For Good And Services All Over The World

It seems that some users are losing the point of view of the Company, about the OneCoin cryptocurrency!

The main fiat currencies such as the US dollar, the euro, the pound, the yen and others have lost about 80% of their value in the last 18 years! This happens, for example, when central banks print more money to allow a country to pay spiral debt.

When printing presses start and more money is printed, the result is inflation causing the value of those notes (and minted coins) to drop! Remember, the printed notes are not backed by any tangible asset like gold! They are little more than pieces of paper (backed by the government) to which the market has attached a value!

In contrast the cryptocurrency is designed to have a finite supply, which means that the maximum number of coins that can be produced is fixed! So under the right conditions, the currency behaves more like the precious silver and gold products.

In the case of our OneCoin cryptocurrency, the predefined finite number of coins that can be mined and made available worldwide is 120 billion.

It is significant because this is a difficult limit on the number of coins that will ever be available.

So, once all the coins are in circulation (so talk), and you can’t mine anymore, or the mining difficulty becomes significantly high, what do you think will happen to the value of the coin if the demand was going to increase ? Of course, the value will go up.

– What are the factors that determine the value of the currency?

Well, some of the factors are: The brand, the supply (that is, the number of coins available), and crucially the usability!

So, now imagine that we have millions of merchants worldwide who are accepting the cryptocurrency currency ‘One’ in exchange for their goods and services! (The merchant is just a fancy name for any person or business that is buying and selling goods, services or really anything of value that can be exchanged.) This is the crucial element that provides usability and gives real value to the currency!

Of course, with a growing number of merchants who come on board and accepting the currency, the usability of the coin goes up which in turn increases the value of the coin!

So, by owning such a currency, then you have a level of wealth protection since you are holding an asset that cannot be devalued through inflation, since no more coins can be produced, but instead it is constantly increasing in value!

So, if you have an asset that is increasing in value, and you can avoid banks and buy goods and services directly with your currencies, why would you want to exchange your currencies in a public exchange for a fiat currency that has lost 80% of its value in the last 18 years and still doing it? (Not only this, but most of us are probably aware that a huge global financial accident is expected to occur sometime during the next few years, by global financial experts.)

So what if you could live totally on your currency? This is apparently virtually a reality in Romania, where apparently there are already more than 4,000 merchants accepting OneCoins and counting! There you can rent property, buy your food, get your hair cut etc and generally buy most of your products and services from day to day.

And of course one of the other great benefits of cryptocurrency is that it is well placed to serve the 2 billion people worldwide who don’t have bank accounts! For example, imagine people who live in remote parts of the world, who do not have access to a bank! They don’t have bank accounts, which means they can’t make any online purchases for example!

The cryptocurrency has the power to change all that! Many of the non-banked already have smartphones that can be used to fully manage their cryptocurrency accounts, and make local purchases as online.

This is demonstrated by the fact that you can buy, property, accommodation, food, cars, vacations etc, with your coins at the current price!




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