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What Is The Difference Between Onecoin And General Altcoins !! ( General Exchange And Onecoin Exchange )

General Exchange and OneCoin Exchange
What is the difference between Onecoin and general altcoins?

If you look at the general exchanges, you can open an exchange only if you have a mail-order business registration certificate.
In other words, there is a difference between receiving an exchange or a corporate account that is recognized as a virtual account issuance.
Anyone can open an exchange ᆢ
Like securities firms, real estate brokerages and home shopping channels.
If you buy and sell things, you can think of them as a brokerage agency.
I think there are no other systems

Then OneCoin Exchange What’s different
Yes ᆢ Basically, the aforementioned exchanges are always available.
It’s possible in the same community.

But why not

At this point, we need to see the unique supply method of Onecoin.

Determine the quantity of general coins or digging type After making a white paper and making a coin program,The rest of the volume is how to open the white paper and sauce
Or leave a distributor and sell ico
In agreement with existing exchanges
Give shares or give you a bunch of cash
Ejaculate and display on the designated exchange window

Like this, if a developer has a lot of coins, he
or she will be listed on a major exchange.
Most of them are small so If you list it, your master’s job is over.
Immediately Coins thrown into the market whether investors die or live
The developer’s task is to end

Any coin If you want to be thrown into the market If you are interested in the coin, you should expose it to your body
This is the principle of listing

The downside is that the value The problem that changes per second is serious
Even if I have a listing Coins that are currently being paid out are in succession

Then why did one coin
I haven’t been on a regular exchange

I’m sorry but not I can’t

Dan Dr.Ruja could be listed on the market anytime he decided.
Moya ᆢ
Dr.Ruja had no support If you are greedy
List it on a major listed company
I could leave. That way you wouldn’t have cursed It is also a coin that could be listed at any time.

Thank you so much for holding me.

Why Have you been swearing and accused and dealing with countless cases?
I can guess a lot Basically
Dr. Ruja Ignato talked about revolution
I talked about standards.
I mentioned cryptocurrency banks.
The world would be amazing
To make many people rich.
Aimed at 2 billion people in the world who could not cross the bank threshold

Confident Ruja’s attitude
I was convinced that he was a brother.

120 billion coins are not small numbers.
The way this is supplied worldwide
I selected a network That it was right That’s it
Because of the rapid growth
However, body digging won coin is not something that we can mine
The company can strategically
It is a structure to earn coins by submitting it to the digger yard through the token increase.

In other words, all users will be understood
if you look similar to the road or body investment that is common now
By the way
OneCoin takes about 120 years, and it is necessary to proceed with a pit and take it out with personal wallet or corporate wallet.

Then If Dr. Ruja was in the middle of a year or two ago Let’s say it was listed on the general exchange after the source was released
What happened to the coin value
It’s terrible to imagine.
Like general coins, speculative coins
Because of the fall, Vision would have become a Job Coin.

How lucky
You protected

But why can’t I list it for this?
This is a scam
Don’t buy a million dollars
In addition, as the coin market rose in mid-17,
In succession to the best leaders
As they left, they reacted Countless countries have been raging with their deaths.
Buying, being deceived, irresponsible Etc.

To overcome this, the company pushed a promotion. Thanks to this, we have a lot of users Collaboration I got a lot of coins

There are so many Anecdotes

Then why woncoin has to do a single exchange First Because of the supply mentioned earlier.
Second I still have a lot of body weight
Currently, about 65% ~ 70%
The remaining 30-35%
This finish is in May, 2021

If you put the remaining coins and open the source and open the exchange
If diggers around the world are going to smash, Onecoin will be in their hands.
So the source is not available yet

The company is probably left over coins
Free surplus coin used at exchange
I want to keep it

The coin supply is now in the final stages.
But The company will continue to supply
some packages, but I’ll have to leave it out after Exchange starts.
The company has a lot of Because of being passed away first Single player is not easy

So, Onecoin in the system is the same as the economy system Internally, we are continuing to expand the usability boundary To maximize awareness in collaboration with banks.

Banks also now need to coexist with cryptocurrencies
There’s no reason to hate things like Onecoin
Onecoin, which has a mutually coexisting environment, is now forced to accept.
I will try to do it

The most important thing is to be prepared to not be affected by the beat
OneCoin is due to the stability of its value
Will lead the true p2p era

Onecoin prepared thoroughly
After adopting real name system
We will lead the market with the best coins
Don’t worry about the exchange

Of course, since non-bit altcoins should be exchanged on and off the exchange, the exchange specification would have strengthened the real coin trading real name system.

The reason why Onecoin has been around
so many times Should know

So now and in the future Through the deal we are indirectly promoting one coin that can not go out of the market yet.
Even if Exchange started, various events would be held for promotional purposes.
Should be continued So that Original onecoin is stronger Will dig into the market

The server upload process
There was no change in the increase or difficulty Over the past year, things have risen all at once, and the rise in cost It increased by about 15,000 won to 55,000 won.

Everyone OneCoin is not available until
As expected, the value will be maintained
Throw away the idea of ​​falling like a normal coin Then you even think about cashing
Will disappear

Expected Difficulty Value until May 2021
1000% Reach value is 100 €

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