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Education Is Vital For Them To Understand The Concept Of Onecoin As A Payment Method And Its Economic Value

Education is vital for them to understand the concept of ONE as a payment method and its economic value, so we will avoid commenting without timely knowledge.


A means of payment is a good or instrument that can be used to acquire goods, services and / or cancel all kinds of obligations. Money is the good that fulfills this function by definition, as it is a common means of exchange that is widely accepted.

Payment is all the action we take to extinguish or cancel an obligation. It is based on the delivery of a good, service or financial asset in exchange for another good, service or financial asset. At present, it is normal for this delivery to be made with money. There are two figures, the active subject, who makes the payment, and the taxpayer, who receives it.
In the economic field, we call payment to the transaction (monetary or not) for which a debt is extinguished. That is, when we make a payment, what we are doing is finishing the last part of a transaction, in which a service has been previously provided or delivered a merchandise, so it is the consideration of the good or service. It can be done at the time of provision, or be deferred.

Payment can be made in various ways, the monetary transaction (sending money) being the most common. With the monetary transaction we put an end to the obligation, although we can also perform the action of paying through the delivery of a good or asset, which we assume has a value similar to the obligation incurred.