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A Cryptocurrency Has Value If It Has A User Community That Supports Its Usability

Paper money is used not because it has support in Gold (because it no longer has it) but because of the trust of its users, imagine that the dollar would lose all people’s trust and stop using it !!!

That will cause the decrease of its value, demand decreases and being infinite due to excessive printing there is also a lot of supply.

The One is a digital currency that has more than 3 million 500 thousand users identified with KYC, more than 10 million users who are in the process that are also part of its creation, has a community of more than 100,000 stores that accept it! !

A cryptocurrency has value if it has a user community that supports its usability !!!

A business holding that supports its usability! You can be part of this movement by acquiring Financial Education that will allow you to understand why a legal cryptocurrency is necessary in the world as a means of payment !!!