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Onecoin strongest and the more stable and first reserve cryptocurrency.

Any coin can be launched in an Exchange, just as thousands of coins have, but almost none of them have survived over a few months. The idea behind OneCoin is to launch a coin (the first one by the way) with all the legal support, with the support of the biggest cryptocurrency community that exist, and with the biggest Usability out there. By doing it this way we are assured that our coin will be the best for very long time, also that the chance it becomes the biggest and strongest cryptocurrency ever.

I think! the majority of OneCoins don’t want the coin to be launched “Urgently” to sell it fast and make a few bucks! What the majority of OneCoins want is to have our coin become the best, the strongest and the more stable cryptocurrency, and eventually see that OneCoin becomes the first reserve cryptocurrency.

OneCoin is not backed by fiat currency like stable coins also, it is not determined by speculation like Bitcoin and Altcoin. Onecoin strongest and the more stable cryptocurrency, and first reserve cryptocurrency.