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Centralized crypto-currencies and decentralised crypto-currencies. Understanding the difference can position you to wealth.

Onecoin Crypto-currency was designed for Regulation, not speculation

” It’s very simple to understand when you put it in the right context.
This Crypto-currency took the world of assault!
All nations started a conversation on the subject while people were trying to understand it.

Here’s something most people don’t understand;
There are centralized crypto-currencies and decentralised crypto-currencies.
Understanding the difference can position you to wealth.
When you understand what they’ve done with Bitcoin, you’re running towards our victory by illuminating the others.

Bitcoin Started following the 2008.
Financial crash at that time, people wanted an independent financial instrument from central banks and governments, in which no manipulation could take place.
Hence the birth of Bitcoin, where equal transactions can take place.
Unfortunately, the reasons for the development of Bitcoin were the protection of people against financial institutions.

However, these same institutions are those who buy and invest enormously in Bitcoin to rid us of the original concept and treat it as one of the usual financial instruments.

My friends, listen to me and listen to me:
the manipulation that transformed most of the cryptographic world into a speculative market was not the original intention.
Therefore, our onecoin, in particular, has a different program.
A model that can improve the world if people open up to what we have to offer.
Because we are designed for regulation!
We can repair most of the harmful elements of the traditional fiat system and definitely improve it.

Transparency is what we bring to the market.
So, if you want crime, fraud and duplicity, find another room or stay faithful to the fiat system.
We propose solutions to the problem.
Be proud to be onelifer and make others start!
Integrate people into our global online community and get them out of financial darkness.

Let’s build this business like never before Double our numbers and move from 3,5 million to 7 million in a year! We have everything we need to do:
Education and construction!
You better be excited, excited when the world talks about regulation!
Because they’re talking about us. We will beyond and parallel to the fiat system until they choose to delete it!

Until then, know that you are blessed beyond your own understanding and act knowing that as a fact!
There’s so much to say, I can go on and on.
There are so many different ways to brush this painting, but I’m gonna slow down here.