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Onecoin is a new payment system.OneCoin Dealshaker already has more than 118,000 dealers and each Onecoin can already spend or receive one on the Dealshaker.

To understand OneCoin and Fr.Ruja Ignatova’s vision, it is IMPORTANT to read this.

People often tend to let GOOD project go astray, from bad media out of thin air.

ONECOIN is more than 5 years old, so it does not seem to be a scam. There is a risk in every business, including ONECOIN, that’s clear.

OneCoin is a NEW payment system, OneCoin implemented the CDD (KYC / KYB and KYCC) and AML / CFT compliance directives and procedures before they were required by regulators and authorities in different countries, meeting the requirements of the FATF Standards adopted at the G20 2018 Cryptocurrency deal to make it a stable and centrally regulated cryptocurrency.

That is used by mass and especially on new transitions markets like Asia, Africa, South America. OneCoin has already implemented that.

There are also many centralized crypto currencies that are listed on Coin Marketcap and the best known is Ripple, in third place, nobody talks about them. If OneCoin were a stupid project of no value, no one would slander it for more than two years.

Problems with Decentralized Cryptocurrency
The main problem with a decentralized cryptocurrency open market is that it is exposed to large speculators.

It has the ability and the means to raise prices to make a big profit. This is how coin values ​​become volatile.

It is not the vision of Dr. Ruja a coin cheap to buy, then sell them expensive.

OneCoin cryptocurrency concept

OneCoin does not just want to be another speculative cryptocurrency. It should be a central unit that regulates the value of its coin through its own exchange and is tradable without limits.

You can call it economically illogical, anything you want, but everyone wants a stable coin (payment system) that anyone can use to buy services and truths. OneCoin Dealshaker already has more than 118,000 dealers and each Onecoin can already spend or receive one on the Dealshaker.

It started in February 2017 and of course there are haters who say the website is bad because they have seen bad offers. But every beginning needs its time and development, that was no different at Amazon and also at Ebay. Alibaba owner Jack Ma has purchased all offers from his website for the first 30 days.

People who do not understand should first inform themselves and who try to make us feel bad about themselves because they know most people fall for the bad media reports. But ONECOIN has been in existence for more than 5 years and is thus out of the trap long ago.

I could tell a lot more about how many people are going to influence you. My TYP think carefully and ask for where they can explain it to you and then check it and make your own decision.

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