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Land Plots With 100% Onecoin

Land plots for individual housing construction 10 km from the city of Kopeisk (satellite of Chelyabinsk). The village of Lugovoi. On the territory of the settlement is the Donguzlovsky Nature Reserve. The village has the following infrastructure: a full secondary school, a kindergarten, shops, FAP, the village administration, the post office of Russia, the Internet, etc. The village is gasified and electrified. Permanent transport links with Kopeysk. Near the federal highway M5. Nearby forests with mushrooms and berries. There are also many lakes for recreation and fishing.
Paperwork to the exchanger. The costs of re-registration and tax are paid by the buyer.
Before buying a coupon, be sure to contact the seller !!!
Otherwise, the coins will not be returned.
+7 9026162534 (WhatsApp)
All documents on request.
In this store I will sell land, real estate and everything related to land and agriculture.*1ji*G1bM8xgLbWuuHL-HnpRnaqgMEQ~