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This Is A Best Chance For Onecoin Users, Worth Euro 265000

Coupon for the payment of 90% in CRIPTO ACTIVÓ ONE
Total value 980 million pesos.
90% equals 882 million.
10% will be paid in the construction company’s account upon signing the promise.
It is separated with 10 million pesos to be recorded in the real estate account in the name of Mr. Juan OLIVELLA.
Before buying this coupon.
You have to contact the merchant in charge.
Name: Jorge neighbor
Telephone: +57 3006687190
House in the city of Santa Marta in project. 250 square meters Two floors 3 and 4 bedrooms Two garages Three bathrooms Work area Green areas of 100 square meters

sale of houses in project and apartments in the city of Santa Marta with 10% in fiat money and 90% in one coin.