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18K Gold Genuine Diamond Ring With Onecoin

Thai Jewelry Shop, 18 k gold ring / coupon, 58% OneCoin. Actual value: 2286EUR / Cash: 960EUR + ( 44.42 ONE )

18K Gold and Genuine Diamond VS-VVS Weight
0.82 carat diamond ring


Registered business

REDEEM by location

Price: 44.42 ONE (1 ONE = 29.85 EUR)

ONE is exclusively a flat rate for DealShaker. The value is based on the current exchange rate and changes as the mining difficulty changes. DealShaker does not guarantee the sale price of ONE

Coupons Available: 20

Promotion ends: 2019/12/19

Coupons Sold: 0

Coupon Expiration Date: 2019/11 / 10-2019 / 12/31

Quantity. One

Buy this deal on November 10, 2019.


18K gold ring with fine diamonds and the finest working skills.

Seller’s Terms and Conditions:

Specific terms and conditions of the trader:

-Jewelry with real diamonds or gems and real 18K gold mounting
Configured. By HKD Diamond Laboratories of Canada
-2286 EURO per gem
-1 coupon (58% ONE) + cash 960 euros. Product number is LR 0597
-The price already includes the remittance and insurance costs of Thailand.
For shipping outside of Thailand, the buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance
You need to pay extra. Add before purchase or payment
Please contact the seller to confirm the cost.
Customers are responsible for customs duties or other costs
Not responsible for paying taxes in foreign countries.
-If the buyer wants to check the goods,
Make an appointment
-If you have any questions, please make sure you
Contact the seller. The buyer makes a purchase and on all payments
If your bail and surcharges are not included in full,
Seller has lost money or lost to buyer in all cases
Not responsible for any liability.

Return and exchange terms.

-In all cases exchange is not possible. But goods in Thailand
Buy and send to buyer, the seller exchanges only one for money
You can buy it again whenever you can. And the merchant
You may be privileged to offer only the purchase price.
-If the goods are shipped to a foreign country, the seller
Do not buy. Not only the goods are not in Thailand.
-The buyer wants to sell the used product back to the seller
The seller has parts to check and calculate the cost of purchase
Should be. And for all the costs that only the buyer appeared
Will be responsible.

※ Please transfer your cash payment to the payment instruction as below:

Branch: SURAWONGSE Branch
No account. : 054 – 2 – 55236-0
Swift Code: KASITHBK

Phone: 0646365356 Email:
time. 9 am – 6 pm Thai time.

merchant :

We produce quality handmade jewelry with certification card to guarantee all items by manufacturer. Diamond jewelry, gemstones, pearls and other kinds of jewelry. Grades A, B, and C are available.

Contact the seller

Merchant Address (You can use your trading coupon at the merchant’s specified address):


House No.44 / 61 Soi Bangkradee 35/1 Samaedum Sub-District Bangkun Tien District
Bangkok, Thailand (Sun)
+66 646365356
09: 00-18: 00 (Monday – Sunday)

Additional Instructions:

Please contact the seller to confirm the place of delivery.

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