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100 % Onecoin 22k Gold powder with honey

Natural honey with 22k Gold powder from a Greek merchant.
100% OneCoin Payment. (249.90 ONE)

100% ΟΝΕ / 60 X ΡΟΔΟΜΕΛΟ ΜΕ ΒΡΩΣΙΜΟ ΧΡΥΣΟ 22K ΜΟΝΟ ΓΙΑ Τ USERNAME VASILISS / 60 X Rose Honey, Editable Gold 22K-Username Vasilis / 100% ONE Only


Individual business

Self organizing shipping

Price: 249.90 ONE (1 ONE = 29.85 EUR)

ONE is exclusively a flat rate for DealShaker. The value is based on the current exchange rate and changes as the mining difficulty changes. dealShaker does not guarantee the sale price of ONE

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Promotion ends: 2019/11/23

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Coupon Expiration Date: 2019/11 / 09-2019 / 11/30

Quantity. 1

Buy this deal on November 9, 2019.


Thessaloniki Honey-250GR with each possible gold 22K
Biological Holiday Honey and Biological Essential Olive Flavor

Seller’s Terms and Conditions:
Each packet contains 60 rose honeys with gold for a luxurious jar.
The transaction is private and only relevant to the username Vasiliss.
Shipping cost is charged to the buyer.

Contact :

Tel: +306944747314

About the trader:

EIMAI Memory Memory / I am an individual seller and sell some products

Contact the seller

Merchant Address (You can use your trading coupon at the merchant’s specified address):


Delphon 43
Thessaloniki / Pylaia, Greece (gr)
+30 6944747314
09: 00-15: 00 (Monday-Sunday)…/100-one-60-x-rodomelo-me-brosimo-k… edible-gold-22k-private-deal-only-for-username-vasiliss / iVWTV * Bd18mAcCL-QJfnYCgqtcnFDALyiikn9cii3tk ~