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Onelife Information Education Top 10 Onecoin User In Each Country

Mr. Konstantin with the 3 Remaining Musketeers Jose Gordo, Simon le and habib Zahid in the new structure of onelife’s marketing by established glg (Global leader group) and dealshaker franchise in each country to move forward to the onecoin project as the future of payment. Get real on the new built-in platform. New Dealshaker first is a trial set (Beta) to build a community on both user and merchants to be strong to continue this project to the public market.

Onelife network shares the marketing area as follows.
3. CIS (Armenia,,, Belarus, Kazakhstan, key, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan,,)

From the observation of the Onelife Network 3 Marketing Activity, the tiger soldier should have divided the area as follows.

• Jose Gordo :zone LATIN AMERICA, EUROPE ฯ
• Habib Zahid: zone MIDEL EAST AND AFRICA

From Onelife info. Eu top 10 onecoin user in each country
1.Chaina 1.27 Million User
2.Brazil 0.28 Million User
3.Vietnam 0.11 Million User
4.India 0.11 Million User
5.South Korea 0.08 Million User
6.German 0.08 Million User
7.Hong Kong SAR China 0.08 Million User
8.Pakistan 0.07 Million User
9.Thailand 0.06 Million User
10.Sweden 0.06 Million User

Considering Simon Le’s area, only China, Vietnam, South Korea, Hong Kong, Thailand has about 1.7 million users or about 50 % of total user. If the cis area is included, the cis will make more benefits.

Is there or 2 more tiger will surrender!!
Jose Gordo stands out for motivate. The work of building a marketing team. Outstanding appearance in leadership.
But another tiger habib Zahid, the news line reported that using the underground strategy “hit smooth” playing, rwb the tail, caught the tail, the clerk, the badge is a power base to hold the power of the freeze. Cuddle destroying opponents.

From following the event-Onelife of 3, the tiger soldiers hijacked their own power for the benefit of participating in the dealshaker franchise of “the family in the stall” in each country. Many events indicate the qing area, such as the incident that Singapore early year had an event by the team of the Jose Gordo, the team of Simon Le, the locals, has carried out a lot of faces. There is a secret meeting to catch the line after the event. The event has been condemn in front of the leaders who attended the event until the event escalated later.

Jose Gordo and glg some got freeze codes!!!

The news of the situation is likely to be the cooperation of the badge clerk with both joint benefits and lost.

Poor Jose Gordo and some team donkeys left onelife!! (but let’s announce later) by taking the team to set up a new company named Apex, Marketing Consultant.

And the case ” Secret, ‘ makes Mr. Konstantin Control in America.

Along with Mr. Duncan Arthur and the it development team at the office, located in England, the onelife network Sophia Bulgaria announces the termination of the relationship with the allegations of informing onecoin members around the world that betrayed the cause of the project delay, but never showed proof. Only the allegations that glg has news. Each other is epidemiology to onecoin members!!

When there are 2 Tigers left in onelife, under the the, the play back of the glg that was freeze, code and quit. The Tiger Habib Zahid has been affected by the past action. Many things include the case of tax law will make the image of onelife not beautiful when the onecoin project will do. Financial Karma and bank were invited out!!!

The Authority and benefit in network onelife & Dealshaker franchise fell in the hands of the last tiger Simon Le!!!

Follow to see the networking night at darat Vietnam. It’s a reflection of the celebration of the victory festival at the dealshaker franchise in the 2th line. The same tiger to show himself. So there is no good news. The progress of the onecoin project that many members are waiting for!!!

Glg, leader and franchise who went to attend the event. Come back to eat!!!

The tool that controls leaders, glg, people who see the actions of inner circle are to freeze the code!! By Cooperation, the people in the country who are the host in the paddock are the list of names such as the guilty of the non-Support (Crowdfunding, brainstorming) Dealshaker Franchise. Hosting an expo to create income for inner circle.

The point where the news line is tracking is
• is it true that network onelife power authority is only Simon Le & veselina valkova, a badge clerk at Sophia Bulgaria??
• Onecoin project in Simon Le & Veselina Valkova’s hand. How about the sale clerk, the sale man network?
• Where to get the funds to lunch exchange system? When the payer pays the account of Dr. Dr. Ruja & Konstantin are not here?
• Network Onelife’s current income path is deployed to develop onecoin projects.
There is a possibility that investors will use the new g20 law that controls investors in cryptocurrency. Check out the onelife network transparency and financial lines to solve the problem for onecoin project to continue!!

Trading Trading on platform xcoinx. Coin Price is a price from within, not demand & supply in public market. The important momentum is from selling the package, education of MLM system or topup to the system to stimulate the market trend which the onecoin project has been through!! What Should do the beat this time is

1. Stores that have been accepting onecoin for more than 2 years and still can’t cash back. How will the company continue? Where is the shop going to open a shop in dealshaker when there is cash back? Controversial with the main resilience and conversion of being “the future of payment” that the company has placed vision to investors.

2. The clarity of onecoin project to go out to the public board, the coin price according to the market mechanism, or there is a policy to be traded within 3.5 million users. This time in the community, there are only those who want to sell coins. Who will come to buy coins in xcoinx besides selling. Education Package in progress in the country where onelife network is going to make a new market?