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100 % Onecoin Cleansing Detox Foot Patch Health Products + Shipping

Lithuania, 100% Payment of OneCoin Foot Patch. (3.32 ONE)

8 X 10PC Cleaning Detox Foot Patch + Shipping

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Promotion ends: 2020/06/30

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Coupon Expiration Date: 2019/08 / 14-2020 / 06/30

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Technology:Coupon: x8 box detox foot patch (10 per box, total 80 pieces) + shipping (registration priority mail with tracking ID) Cleansing bamboo vinegar detox foot patch: Enjoy healthy blood circulation Remove harmful toxins More comfortable Take a break Awake, refreshed and energized Body energy is simple, non-invasive and completely safe All natural ingredients The waste (toxins) accumulated in the food we eat and the polluted air we breathe in our body It is widely known to cause many health problems.

Excessive levels of waste in the body can cause fatigue, lethargy, anxiety or other health problems. Can be used: cosmetics, tied up belly, elderly, obese, depressed, smokers and sots, people standing or sitting for a long time, people with great work and mental pressure, etc.The detox foot patch is completely natural, safe and easy to use for the body Provides quick detoxification.

This plant extract plaster helps to clean the body’s waste easily and painlessly. Before going to bed, wrap a sheet of plaster on the soles of your feet so that they work well while you sleep. The patch does not put anything on the body. Stimulates the pressure point of the foot, helps blood circulation, absorbs toxins, absorbs impurities through the foot. The color of the sheet changes depending on the state of health.

People with health problems can see the sheets darken the next morning. With regular use, the sheet becomes lighter and health improves steadily. Patches may also be applied to specific problems in local areas of the body such as wrists, knees, shoulders, ankles and groin. Essential ingredients: wood vinegar distillate, bamboo vinegar distillate, carapace, vegetable distillate, vitamin C, corn starch, tourmaline (minus ion). Detox foot patches work on the principle that tree trunks consisting of numerous small tubes can draw water and nutrients to the roots and all other parts of the tree. Our soles. Soles are where most nerves end in the body.

Therefore, Detox foot patches are best for cleaning up waste and toxic substances released from the soles of sweat in the form of sweat. .Extending to the concept of reflexology, where other parts of the foot are connected to all other parts of our body, patches are applied to the soles of the feet, which help to remove waste from the body, very similar to how tree trunks work. Made in China. Packing standard: 10 patches in a box. Lot: 8 box

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I sell luxury food supplements, peptide cosmetics and facial and body hygiene products, household items and handmade jewelry and souvenirs. My online store has been running successfully since 2010.

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