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Latest News Onecoin ! Turnover fee – from 1st November Stage 3 of the MDP of the Coin Offering starts tomorrow

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Franchisees’ training and a meeting for LatAm coming up this month
Merchant Shout out – Pakistan
Next DS Expo Destination – Mongolia
Turnover fee – from 1st November
Stage 3 of the MDP of the Coin Offering starts tomorrow
Useful Manuals – OneAcademy/OneForex, Legal Courses and CoinSafe – new manual
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We are proud to share that the initiative Merchant Shout out has become extremely popular among DealShaker Merchants and Buyers.

We are happy to constantly receive positive feedback for the Merchant section and more and more merchant stories keep coming in our mailbox. Keep sending us your thoughts, stories and suggestions! We will continue to give tribune to the best merchant stories. This is our wa

the country with breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, inspiring history and warm-hearted people.

Multicultural, exotic and colorful – Pakistan has it all:

– its diverse cuisine offers to the visitor a gastronomic experience like to other.
– the country’s architectural and arts’ legacy is known and admired worldwide
– Pakistan exports a wide variety of goods on an annual basis – rice, furniture, marble, clothing, seafood, etc.
– education, culture, sports – there is something both for the body and the soul
–  and it’s a true inspiration for fashion lovers, too

The diversity of Pakistani deals and merchants on the DealShaker platform is also remarkable.

Have a look at some of them down below.

*Special thanks to the DealShaker Team in Pakistan!

As previously said, if you are crazy about fashion and high-quality fabrics, you can not miss this deal. The merchant Arshadh110 has some really beautiful clothes to offer to the ladies