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Vegetarian Food With 100 % Onecoin


Thanh Dam Which Is Fascinating – Hue Phat Vegetarian Food is an ideal destination for vegetarian customers and those who love pure vegetarian dishes – The space is simple, light but still good. up luxurious, cozy – Rich vegetarian menu, made from fresh ingredients, ensuring nutrition. –

Chefs are skillful and meticulous in all stages – Enthusiastic, attentive waiters – Raw materials are clean, safe, fresh, clear origin – Receive vegetarian banquet offers at Home- Provides vegetarian hotpot for public health, encourages vegetarian, clean, nutritious and non-profit.Provide hotpot dishes including:

$ Small hotpot: 1 coupon – $ Big hotpot: 2 coupons $ Rieu Oc Dau Dau Hot Pot: 1 coupon – $ Rieu Oc Dau Dau Hot Pot: 2 coupon $ Small Thai Hot Pot: 1 coupon – $ Big Thai Hot Pot: 2 coupon $ Small Sweet Hot Pot: 1 coupon – $ Big Sweet Hot Pot: 2 coupon $ Small Mushroom Hotpot: 1 coupon – $ Big Mushroom Hotpot: 2 coupons $ Small Mam Hotpot: 1 coupon – $ Big Mam Hotpot: 2 coupon – Each customer only applies a maximum of 3 coupons for 1 meal at Hue Phat – Coupon is only valid for hotpot dishes at Hue Phat – Coupon is not redeemable for cash. – We currently do not have the form of online delivery by coupon.

Only applicable when customers pay 100% VND – Please read carefully the above rules to avoid errors, unnecessary misunderstandings, thank you – Hue Phat Vegetarian Cuisine is pleased to serve you – Address: 330 Lanh Binh Thang, Ward 11, District 11, Tp. Ho Chi Minh – Contact for more details: